Color Wine: Cheers to the New Grape in Town

Color Me Happy!


pon first glance, Color wine can almost sell itself, as the labels are bright, cheerful, and resemble everything a day at the beach has to offer. Nonetheless, let us introduce you to three different wines with three different labels, painted by the dynamic duo of Shelby and Sandy, and hand dipped in wax by Parker Reuter, the company’s founder. These wines definitely stand out and stand-alone. You won’t find another wine bottle that has been hand dipped in wax, giving it the extra attention it deserves. The luz blue wax tops both the chardonnay and the red blend while the bright pink wax is reserved for the Rosé wine. The wine itself resembles the label; both are fun, light, make you smile and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

The goal of Color wine is neither to reinvent the wine industry nor to break the bank; the goal is to bring something different, new and fresh to the party. This wine was made with day drinking on a beautiful California day in mind. Parker, who is a certified wine specialist, is no stranger to the food and beverage industry, as he grew up working in his father’s restaurants. If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, then it makes sense that the grape stays close to the vine. If you’re a regular of 3-Thirty-3, then perhaps you already know Parker and his father, Restaurateur Jeff Reuter.

After graduating from USC and writing his thesis on wine, Parker worked as an apprentice under winemaker Nile Zacherle at David Arthur Vineyards in Napa, soaking up all the information he could, with the intention to one day be a winemaker back in his hometown of Newport Beach. The bright young entrepreneur knows the ins and outs of wine, but he chooses to keep the specific details off the bottle. You won’t find a vintage date, lot number, barrel type, or soil type on the label, as Parker’s motto is simple, “Wine should be fun and wine should be good. Don’t worry about the intimidating specifics.

The grapes are produced and bottled at Chateau Diana in the Alexander Valley near Healdsburg, an area known for its warm climate and ability to ripen a broad varietal of grapes. Currently, there are three wines available, but like the vines, the idea of expanding the product line is growing.  


The red blend is predominantly Merlot (about 58 percent), with Cabernet Sauvignon coming in at about 27 percent. The rest of the percentage is made up of small amounts of Zinfindel and Cab Franc. The soils of the region tend to impart a rich, chocolate note to the red wine varietals grown in the valley. The Red Blend showcases that Merlot is light, with hints of red fruits, smooth tannins and a soft finish. It is the perfect wine for daytime, beachside drinking, and is contradictory to what most of us think about red wine. This blend does not need to be saved for a steak dinner; it is light enough to drink any time of the day, still giving red wine lovers the taste they are going after.


The company believes Chardonnay has become extremely saturated with oaky and buttery flavor notes and created their flavor profiles to be more light and crisp. The award-winning white, which brought home a medal at Southern California’s largest blind tasting competition (OC Fair Commercial Wine Competition), hits the mark. Priced around 15 dollars per bottle, it’s flavorful without being bulky and targets the crowd who wants to enjoy white wine without breaking the bank.


With the Rosé, they wanted to veer away from the dry, very crisp, sweet with light flavor notes. Their Rosé was made with a few alternative ideas in mind: Can you put ice cubes in it? Can you drink it through a straw? Can you add fresh fruit to it? They created an off-dry Rosé that is meant for easy drinking, with a hint of sweetness, but only 1.78 percent residual sugar.

Parker shared the wine process with me, but spoke very little about himself, preferring to share the spotlight with the label artists, brothers Shelby and Sandy. These young men have exhibited their artwork all over the world from Orange County to Paris to Dubai. You can find them on Instagram at @shelbyandsandy. Their talent has brought them a celebrity clientele and over 218K followers. Together, they bring personal inspiration to the Color wine labels, and as well as an eight-year friendship with Parker — the trio having met their first week at USC. The brothers focused the artwork on “The Wedge” in Newport Beach, a local’s hangout filled with Southern California natives who enjoy drinking wine throughout the day and into the night. 

Still new to the scene, Color wine isn’t sold everywhere just yet, but you will find it at the following Hotspots: 

3-Thirty-3 Waterfront, Bear Flag Fish Co., Free Range Café, Pizza Nova, Wild Taco, Fish Camp, Watson’s Soda Fountain, Rockwell’s, Fry’s Market, Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Lido House Hotel, Chateau Diana Winery and Marketplace, A Market, Eastside Mini-mart, and Pinot’s Palette in Tustin, Rancho Las Lomas and Silverado Canyon.

The wines are fun, they are light, they are priced right, and they leaving you wanting more. In addition to winning an award for their Chardonnay their first year out, they perfected three daytime-easy-drinking, take-on-a-boat or sit-poolside varietals. Give them a try and keep an eye on this company; they are growing as quickly as the waves are breaking at The Wedge.



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