Coffee Shops in OC are Creating Quite a Buzz

It’s a way to wake up. It’s a social interaction. It’s the experience. It’s coffee.



offee brings warmth and comfort to many people around the world, and these coffee shops in OC are no exception. Although it would be an excellent experience to tour the world and discover the vast mass of individuals the coffee industry has developed, I don’t have enough hours in the day, and I’m assuming you don’t either. Instead, let’s focus on the area in which we reside and call home. Here are coffee businesses that deserve your support in the Orange County area: coffee shops in OC


coffee shops in oc

BLK Brewing Co.

Pie Dog, 229 E Commonwealth Ave A, Fullerton, CA 92832 |

Four main ingredients help create the smoothest cold brew you’ll ever drink: water, coffee, process, and pride — or at least that what BLK says. Try them out at Pie Dog in Fullerton, and you’ll believe that BLK Brewing Co.’s special black water is something you’ll have to have in your fridge. Don’t worry, you can place orders for individual bottles, 4-packs and cases online. Great coffee doesn’t get any more convenient than this. Taste and believe that they have something special going on.

Portola Coffee Lab 

Multiple Locations, 

Do not be confused by the name. The baristas do not wear white lab coats, but their expertise certainly makes them scientists of coffee.  Portola Coffee Lab roasts and brews their coffee, and they believe that for the cup of coffee to be satisfactory, it starts with the actual coffee bean. With just one sip, you’ll notice the attention to detail in every step of this process. Take note: the bar counter tops are quite low in height, this is because they encourage the customer to engage in conversation about the product that is being produced. So go head, lean in and while you’re waiting for your coffee, remember their mantra: see, learn, and taste at Portola Coffee Lab.

Common Room Roasters 

882 Production Place, Newport Beach, CA, 92663 |

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Common Room Roasters have brought their practice and passion to Newport Beach. They take pride in sourcing the finest green coffee produced around the world. Common Room Roasters want you to experience the different ways of brewing. Espresso, Aeropress, and the ancient Japanese brewing system, Kalita Wave Pour-Over, are all options their baristas proficiently practice.

Milk & Honey 

2981 Bristol St. Ste. B6, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 |

The decor at Milk & Honey is beautifully creative, and the drinks match the aroma of the store. You could settle for the typical coffee beverage but why not spice things up and sip on the best of both worlds. The Lavender Latte Cooler is a perfect combination of tea and coffee with a dash of lavender that will produce the purest of enjoyment.

KIT Coffee

1617 Westcliff #103, Newport Beach, CA 92660 |

When you leave a restaurant, you rarely say, “the toast was amazing.” Well at KIT, the toast is not your ordinary toast. The Cinnamon Sugar Brûlée Toast will let you dive into a pool of sweetness. The toast and a cappuccino is a match made in heaven, but the pair would be even better if you say Á LA mode (only way to find out). Coffee shops in OC

coffee shops in oc

Caffè & Market

Resort at Pelican Hill, 22701 Pelican Hill Road South, Newport Beach, CA 92657 |

Do people even drink a latte anymore or just take a picture? But at Caffè & Market, you almost NEED to take a picture. The latte art with the ocean as a backdrop will have you looking at your schedule and seeing if you can make this moment a regular occurrence. Located in The Resort at Pelican Hill, Caffè & Market will give you a breathtaking view of the Pacific. Try one of their fresh-baked pastries or a scoop of their delicious gelato to go along with your stunning scenery.

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee 

270 E. 17th St., #18, Costa Mesa, California 92627 |

Huckleberry, Maple Bacon, Saigon Cinnamon Crumb, Valentine’s Cake, and Black Velvet all share something in common; they’re all doughnuts. Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee will change your concept of the traditional doughnut. Still warm from the bake, the doughnut and coffee combination is still a perfect way to start your day. Plan ahead; there is always a line, but so worth the wait. Most people come here for their amazing freshly baked doughnuts, but let’s talk coffee. Sidecar offers their very own signature blends, Forty Winks and Colt’s Tooth, from Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Each blend has a distinct flavor profile to complement their doughnuts. Forty Winks features a well-balanced, medium-bold flavor, where the Colt’s Tooth features a bold, complex flavor — enjoy black or with cream and sugar — and definitely with a doughnut in hand!

Kéan Coffee

2043 Westcliff Dr. #100, Newport Beach, CA 92660 |

Fresh. That is the word that Kéan Coffee inserts into every cup that they prepare. Known for their excellent organic and fair trade specialty coffees from around the globe, Kéan Coffee is a local’s favorite. Espresso drinks at this location are considered culinary works of art, and rightfully so, as they take coffeehouse culture to the next level with their expertly trained baristas. From on-site coffee roasting to latte art, not one detail is overlooked. In addition to delicious coffee, they offer pastries and savories that are baked fresh daily by small local artisan bakeries. By virtue, owners Martin and Karen Diedrich promote their ideals of what a coffeehouse should be.  Coffee shops in OC

Wild Strawberry Café

240 Newport Center Drive #100, Newport Beach, CA 92660 |

You can never have enough crepes, and at Wild Strawberry Café you have plenty of options. The Savory Crepes or Sweet Crepes are two delicious ways to start your day off right. You can always mix and match sweet and savory. For example, try their Lemon Sugar Crepe with their classic roast, black coffee or get their Mediterranean Crepe with a Nutella Latte. Both pairs will make the taste buds dance. You can tell that the owner, Natasha Kazic, went through a lot of hands-on research to bring you a delicious cup of coffee, and for that, we are grateful.  Coffee shops in OC

Coffee Tomo 

15333 Culver Dr. #450, Irvine, CA 92604 |

“Pretzels… get your pretzels here!” No, you’re not at a ball game but rather at Coffee Tomo. Besides having amazing coffee, they freshly bake soft pretzels. You could be normal and sink your teeth into an Original, Garlic or Cinnamon pretzel but why not be different and try their Sweet Potato Cheese pretzel? Wash it down with a latte, and suddenly the visit to Coffee Tomo was already worth it.

coffee shops in oc

Crème & Sugar 

6312 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 |

The name Crème & Sugar perfectly explains the atmosphere of this sweet tooth coffee shop. Take a bite of their scrumptious, mouthwatering cake or get comfortable and sip on one of their unique hot cocoas. If you dare, ask for the Unicorn Hot Chocolate… you will not be disappointed. Spoiler alert: The Hot Chocolate is pink. Coffee shops in OC

Alta Coffee

506 31st St, Newport Beach, CA 92663 |

Hidden away on 31st Street in Newport Beach, lies a little, homey coffee shop. A place that doesn’t just take pride in their coffee but rather their support of local art. Walk in and see what Southern Californian talent they have on their spotlight. Or take a break from the Netflix and visit Alta Coffee at night to take in a soothing performance from a local musician. Coffee shops in OC

Tru Bru Organic Coffee

7626 E. Chapman Ave., Suite D, Orange, California 92868 |

Tru Bru’s known to fame is not necessarily the taste, though it is quite magnificent, it’s how the beverage is made. They believe in the health and earth conscious approach in life, and therefore they want their business to match their values. Tru Bru sources nothing but the highest quality organic coffee. Their approach is the same when it comes to their food. Vegan, gluten free, and 100% organic are options for every customer. Coffee shops in OC

Bear Coast Coffee

618 ½ Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 96672 |

Though we all want to be strong and take our coffee black, we know deep down that it’s not always the most enjoyable. This is why Bear Coast is the perfect spot in San Clemente. They make all their syrups in-house, which make their lattes even more desirable. Lavender-infused caramel, nutmeg-accented vanilla, or dark chocolate ganache… take your pick! If you want to be “strong” and take your coffee black, you can at Bear Coast, but I’ll be in the corner drinking my Lavender Caramel Latte.


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