A Velvety Spread of All You Need to Know About Cheese

The Ultimate Celebration of Fromage


reamy, crumbly, or concentrations of flavor, cheese is an ingredient that has been around for years. With new variations all the time it’s hard to find a flavor you won’t love. Legend has it that cheese has been around for more than 4,000 years. The story of how it became an essential ingredient, is about an Arabian merchant that put milk in a pouch made from a sheep’s stomach causing the milk to curd when he traveled. When he ate the curds, they tasted good and satisfied his hunger. Since then, over 900 different types of this great tasting substance have been made all over the world, 400 are French, (The original Brie and the original Goat are my personal favorites).

Cheese is something that I eat at all times of the day. For breakfast, I spread creamy flavored goat cheese on toast or toss slices of sharp white cheddar in eggs. A sandwich with creamy Havarti or pungent Swiss creates a perfect flavor for lunch. When dinner comes around,  a burger with a slab of thick brie and caramelized onions will make you swoon. Another way to consume it is right from the block; add some crackers and you’ve got the perfect snack.

Because the tasty treat is something that I eat every day, whether it is by itself or added to my meal I have to know more about the process and why I always want it at any time of the day.

When making the product the main ingredient is milk, but the type of animal can make the flavor of it completely different. Cow, goat and sheep are common animals for producing this product. The tangy flavor caused by the higher concentrated fatty acids in goat cheese makes it a top choice for me.

But when it comes to the savory snack it’s not just the taste or the texture that keeps us coming back for more. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, cheese proteins contain casomorphins which will release small amounts of dopamine, giving all cheese eaters the same euphoric feeling as some narcotics, “Cheese is not just tasty. It contains concentrated opiates, along with salt and grease, which tend to keep us hooked.” We as Americans, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, consume 35 pounds of this rich snack — per person! We can’t get enough of this lovely, filling and addictive ingredient.

Although the creamy spread is addictive with the concentrated fats and oils, it can also be a healthy snack. It has high amounts of vitamins A, B12, Zinc, and calcium in it. The best way to snack on this ingredient is by making a gourmet cheese board where it is the center of attention.  A plate with hard, crumbly and soft variations gives you the assortment you want, pairing it with anything and everything in your house. Learn how to make a simple cheese board the center of attention at any dinner party you have.

SideDoor’s Monthly Creamery Take Over

SideDoor, 3801 East Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Although, if making your own cheese board isn’t ideal for you, you can head over to SideDoor for a delicious selection of cheese, sourced from top award-winning creameries. Examples of top creameries include Cypress Glove out of Humboldt County, Willamette Valley Cheese Co. and Cowgirl Creamery, among others. Every month a different creamery takes over their cheese menu and also shows up in select menu items for the evening. Now that’s something to smile over!

Wednesday, October 18 – Rogue Creamery (Central Point, OR)

Wednesday, November 15 – Beehive Cheese (Uintah, UT)

Wednesday, December 20 – Cascadia Creamery (Trout Lake, WA)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 – Cheese Party featuring all fall/winter creameries




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