Cafe Gratitude: The New Scene for Socially Conscious Cuisine

Give A Little Gratitude

Newport Beach healthy lunch
Cafe Gratitude
1617 Westcliff Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660



or Café Gratitude, food and people are seen as a celebration of life. Both are believed to represent what it truly means to be alive, to be thriving, and be one with the Earth. At the Newport Beach location, sustainable practices are meshed with inspired flavor combinations to provide a one of a kind culinary experience. Open since early 2016; the location is the latest addition to the string of well-loved restaurants. Th is cafe offers residents and visitors an authentic taste of the California lifestyle, promising environmentally friendly and organic food that is prepared with love.

Customers are welcomed into the space with genuine greetings and high-beamed ceilings that are straight out of a design lover’s dream. Th e décor is both delicate and wholesome as if to mimic the purity of their fare. With the many cozy attributes and potted succulent centerpieces, it’s easy to forget you’re not hanging out at a friend’s house. A seat on the patio offers you a chance to enjoy your meal under the warmth of glowing heat lamps amid Newport’s fresh air.


Health-conscious dishes [that] are both delectable and visually enticing

If Gratitude were to succeed in one specific component above others, it would be its ability to impress both vegans and meat-eaters alike. With plant-based cuisine rapidly taking over the nation, Gratitude surpasses any expectations that a carnivore like myself might have had before the introduction. Th e health-conscious dishes are both delectable and visually enticing, bringing together a variety of your senses to make your dining experience memorable. Although the restaurant beams an atmosphere of serenity in aesthetics, the true richness is shown in the service provided. Gratitude undoubtedly prides itself (and delivers) in its dedication to serving the soul, a practice they refer to as “Sacred Commerce.”

Resolved / Southern Soul Food: red beans & dirty rice, blackened jerk tempeh, smashed maple yams, spiced collards, coleslaw, jalapeño cheddar biscuit

One of the most innovative components of the experience has to be the way in which the menu is laid out. Each specific dish has a name of its own, an encouraging word that once chosen upon, is said aloud as a positive affirmation. When ordering, you are asked to say, “I am (for example, beaming),” and your server will respond back, “You are beaming.” When served, the mantra is repeated. Along with this announcement of a positive affirmation comes a question of the day, posed to provoke thought and conversation among diners.

A glance at the lunch menu provides insight to the multitude of options they offer. “Infinite” is a refreshing rendering of your typical Asian salad. Topped with shredded nori and an almond wasabi vinaigrette, the dish is chock-full of various fresh ingredients such as kale, avocado and citrus. “Resolved” is Gratitude’s take on Southern Soul food, succeeding in its attempt to master the savory, sweet and spicy cravings all in one dish. Th e Blackened Jerk Tempeh is rich with nutty flavor and provides a satisfying texture, but the Macadamia Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuit takes the true spotlight on the plate. With “Elated,” you’ll find mushroom and butternut squash completely transformed inside cashew cream drizzled enchiladas.

From freshly brewed specialty drinks to a long list of revitalizing smoothies and juices, the beverage menu alone is an exciting venture. Order one of the many lattes and discover the art of spice stenciling, the imprint of a phrase, symbol, or letter etched atop dairy-free foam. “Golden,” a turmeric-infused latte, will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. For green tea lovers, “Vibrant” takes an earthy twist on the trending Matcha Tea Latte.

How do you choose just one dish when all of them seem so desirable, if not nutritious? Whether it’s a shareable small plate or a flavorful grain bowl, it’s no easy feat to decide. With the restaurant open seven days a week, there are plenty of opportunities to try everything and a whole lot to be thankful for.

Gratitude is both charming and tranquil, guaranteed to offer refuge from a busy workday and quickly become your new favorite weekend haven. Come for the food, revel in the nourishment, and stay for the ambiance.

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