Burger Parlor + Gringo Bandito = Burger Heaven

Burger Parlor

204 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832 | 714.441.2003 | www.burgerparlor.com


range County is home to a variety of one-of-a-kind restaurants. With two locations, one in Fullerton and the newest in Old Towne Orange, Burger Parlor has swept burger-lovers off their feet. Located in the heart of the Old Towne Orange Historic District, Burger Parlor’s most recent location has become a popular favorite among locals. From the mind of Chef Joseph Mahon, the original creations at Burger Parlor provide a unique flavor experience for every customer.

The newest addition to the menu is none other than the exclusive Gringo Bandito Burger. The monstrous delicacy is chock-full of delicious and fresh ingredients that are sure to please anyone’s taste buds. Set between Burger Parlor’s delicious bun, the burger features a fried egg on a crisp tostada chip, crushed avocado, roasted Anaheim chile, and is drizzled in a crema made specially from Gringo Bandito hot sauce.

Gringo Bandito hot sauce, created by the Offspring’s Dexter Holland, is the cherry on top for this completely loaded burger. A must-have for any hot sauce lover, this burger takes an original twist on a Picante style dish. Keep in mind; it might take more than one mouth to take on this burger unless of course, you’re up for a challenge.

What sets Burger Parlor apart from the rest isn’t just the creativity of their patties, but the ability for customization, as well as their mouth-watering sides and drink choices. Not a beef fanatic? No worries there. Burgers can be substituted for a custom turkey patty, grilled chicken, crispy chicken, or a Portobello mushroom for a vegetarian option. For those who aren’t in the mood for a burger, sandwiches and salads can satisfy your hunger as well. Gluten-free? Get it protein style or salad style in a bowl.

Speaking of fries, we can’t get enough of them. Apparently, Burger Parlor feels the same way. The sweet potato waffle fries are the perfect combo of savory and sweet, addictive and undoubtedly delicious. One of the most unforgettable potato transformations has to be the Kevin Bacon and Pastrami Fries. These crisp cut fries are dressed with aged Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, bacon, and house-made hot sauce and of course, pastrami. If you’re less of a fry guy, there’s always the hand-dipped, and beer-battered onion rings to try. If you can’t decide, you have the option to go half and half on both.

Most important to the menu, they have milkshakes. The long list of craft beer, while certainly impressive, has nothing on their decadent milkshakes and malts. Cap’n Crunch, aka a personal favorite, consists of their house-made ice cream combined with the classic cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is another potential cereal inspired shake you can get. Breakfast, anyone?

Burger Parlor continues to wow with every addition to their menu. We’re excited to see what they’ll continue to cook up, but for now, head over and try what we already can’t get enough of.

Insider’s tip: Poutine it and enjoy your burger on top of a bed of chili cheese fries.


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