How to Uncover Emerging Wineries You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

The wine community is growing through access and evolving with the support of technology, and being able to order pretty much anything with your phone. Thanks Amazon. Today, we’re thanking someone other than Jeff Bezos. Trevor Clinard is bringing boutique wines straight to your front door with his new online wine store, Brix + Barrel. We had the pleasure of discussing emerging wineries and wine consumption with Clinard while he helped us navigate the task of buying wine online for the first time. 

How did being a wine supply manager pave the way to create Brix + Barrel?

I have a background in data, finance and management. My role as a supply manager at the 7th largest winery in the U.S. gave me an interesting vantage point. I had to help predict the future in wine for the next five years. I noticed things in the market that pushed my entrepreneurial spirit to try new things. My experience gave me the viewpoint I needed to help me direct it towards launching an online wine store, where we help consumers find a wine that they usually wouldn’t be able to have access to in local stores. 

How do you instruct new wine drinkers to navigate your site?

Pick something you’ve had before, and then try something new. There’s no reason not to try something different with our satisfaction guarantee. We are also available on the website or via email, and would be happy to recommend wine based off of the coffee you drink or help with building a food and wine pairing. A few of my favorite wines available are The Fableist Zinfandel and the Robert Hall Syrah. Both of these wines are less than twenty dollars and taste great. 

What’s the biggest mistake someone can make buying wine online?

The biggest mistake is going off of a brand. I recommend reading the back label and understanding what region the wine comes from, discovering the tasting notes, and picking a type you like; white, red, rosé. If you can begin to answer those questions, then you will be able to make a more educated decision about purchasing.

What’s your favorite region of California for wine?

That is so tough; it depends on the wine. I love Zinfandels from Paso, Pinot Noirs from Monterey and Santa Barbara, and Napa Cabs, of course, are all delicious. Each California region has a unique story to tell based on the diverse climate, which is why at Brix + Barrel we want emerging wineries throughout California to be recognized and appreciated. 

The benefits of Brix Fix explained?

You don’t have to drive all the way up to Paso or Napa to purchase really great wine. You can just pull out your phone and let your fingers do the work with Brix + Barrel. This is also increasing the knowledge of the consumer with the immediate shopping experience. Brix Fix is a monthly subscription tailored to your preferences, removing the hard decisions of buying wine. You have a satisfaction guarantee, so if we ship you a wine that you don’t enjoy, no worries, we’ll refund you. That’s what Brix Fix is going to try and do, allow a consumer to try new wines they would have never expected. We send new products to sample for all of our subscribers before we put them in stores. 

And just like that, the wine is ordered for your next dinner party without ever leaving the house. Don’t forget someone over 21 will need to be present for your wine to be delivered and it takes three days for the wine to arrive from Brix + Barrel, so make sure you haven’t left the house on that day either!  

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