Uncork for Hope With Boys Town California

Uncorking a bottle of wine always indicates a celebration, and on May 7, 2017, Uncork for Hope certainly celebrated a huge accomplishment. Boys Town California, an organization that helps at-risk children and families in need of healing from drug addiction and poverty, hosts this event each year to raise money for their cause.

The event, Uncork for Hope, allowed attendees the opportunity to taste some of the finest wines from around the world and take part in an auction that would, by the end of the night, raise 150,000 dollars for Boys Town California. The Live Auction Items were highly sought after, with a getaway for four in Epoch’s Vineyard Suites on York Mountain, and a Dinner for ten at The Winery, Newport Beach on the market. Wineries present included Alta Colina Vineyard and Winery, Aperture, Argot, Desparada, Epoch Estate Wines, and several others, making it a one of a kind experience for guests to connect with one another and enjoy.

Hosted by Boys Town California board member Adam Miller, this fundraiser is centered on pairing the love of wine with the love of helping those who are most vulnerable in their community. “This event is special to me and close to my heart,” said Miller. “A group of my friends sat around one day and we said, ‘why not throw a wine tasting to benefit charity?’ A group of us were involved with Boys Town and a group of us had great friends in the wine industry and the marriage just came together perfectly. We’ve created a lot of relationships, both within Boys Town and outside, and just brought people together. Very few things bring people together like wine does.”

But the real celebration was the resounding success of raising awareness and support for Boys Town California. Driven by the belief that every child and every family has the potential to succeed, regardless of their circumstances, people from all over came together. The organization hosted this event with the aim to promote the idea that, “Just like a vine must have a strong root system before bearing good fruit, this is also true for any child.” This annual event holds the promise of increasing funding for these at-risk children to help them develop the roots and foundation they need for a chance at a better life. The 2017 event proved victorious for the foundation and for these children.

Uncork for Hope also included an awards ceremony, in which members of the community were recognized for their good works. Among them was Kelly Lam, mind behind Mindful Her, who was honored for her philanthropic works helping women in her community balance a healthy lifestyle and their professions.

“This event is important to our site because it helps bring together like-minded individuals who care deeply about helping children and families in Orange County who need it most,” said Breanna Selzer, Boys Town California Development Coordinator. “This event helps our site raise funds each year and has helped contribute to Boys Town California’s growth over the past five years.”


Overall, Boys Town California hosted a lovely event, bringing together like-minded individuals who care about helping the children and families who need it most. While the main attraction was the wine-tasting and auction items, guests left with more than a buzz and some new purchases – they left with a full heart and renewed hope in the ability to help a community at risk.

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to attend this event, and are looking forward to another night of celebrating the success of Boys Town California and their heartwarming cause next year. For more information on this organization and their efforts, visit their webpage.


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