Reviving Pizza by the Slice at The Bowery in Fullerton


ith the rise of personal pizza eateries taking over, it seems as though the significance of a single slice has dwindled. What once seemed a staple in every neighborhood has now grown a rarity to find. If it weren’t for the newly opened Fullerton pizza parlor, The Bowery, pizza by the slice might have met its end in North Orange County. With this newest addition to downtown Fullerton, The Bowery is reviving the legacy of the beloved New York inspired pie.

What makes a pizza place stand out in 2018? Is it the ability for customization, the uniqueness of the offerings, or a combination of the two? It’s hard to just think of pizza nowadays in terms of its classic rendition. While cheese atop red sauce is certainly an iconic duo, creativity in the execution is truly what keeps the crowd coming. The Bowery succeeds in their creative attempts. Of course, you do have the option to build your own, with the ability to choose the size as well. The medium pizza that was laid before me, its circumference taking over the entirety of the table, only prompted my imagination of what an extra large rendering might look like. I didn’t dare ask.

Successfully creating the classic pizza is one thing. Successfully creating the classic pizza with both housemade red sauce and dough, as well as succeeding in original variations is another thing entirely. The out of the box inventions are what sets The Bowery apart from its competitors. You want to trust them on this one. The pizza is that of a thin New York style, but not the kind that loses shape in your hand, the dough being just sturdy enough to make it to your mouth without a mess.

The pies they have curated undoubtedly reign over anything you could design yourself, the ingredients on each melding together with triumphant ease. Take, for example, the Tipsy Pig. It’s precisely what you might imagine of an ode to pork but with greater intensity. Honey cured ham and applewood-smoked bacon sit above ricotta and a sweet bourbon glaze. The additional star of the pizza? The chicharrones adorning the top. It’s a delectable amalgam of salt and sweetness. The Butcher is The Bowery’s take on a classic meat-lover, overflowing with Italian sausage, meatballs, pepperoni and bacon. The Taco pizza is another victory, featuring ground sirloin amidst other taco necessities like salsa, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, as well as taco-flavored Doritos. The Truffle Shuffle pairs fermented black garlic with a variety of cheeses and black truffle zest; a must have for any truffle fanatic.

Pesto pizza fries work well as a shareable Irish nacho or something to keep to your side of the table. The pesto is fresh, the cheese on top is rich and the fries are, well, fries. Which is to say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. If pizza isn’t your preference (something to reconsider), The Bowery also offers wings, salads and sweets, not to mention a long list of craft and classic beers alongside their full bar.

While your intention might be to stop by for a single slice, it’s hard to say whether or not you’ll be leaving with just one. The Bowery is the modern day pizzeria of your Southern California dreams, reminiscent of New York and its industrial roots, guaranteed to satisfy a cheesy craving.

The Bowery Craft Beer & Pizza | 112 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton |

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