Seattle Dining: An All-Day Food Enthusiast Adventure

Seattle is a gastronomical paradise with upscale and progressive food spots all over the city!


hat comes to mind when you think of Seattle? The Space Needle?  The calming ripple of the Puget Sound? The hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market? Majestic Mt. Rainier looming on the horizon? Right. We get it. There is a lot to see in Seattle. But you’re a food enthusiast, and you’re hungry (that’s why you’re here right?), so we’ll let you in on a little secret: Seattle is a gastronomical paradise with upscale and progressive food spots all over the city! So if you’re planning the two-and-half hour jaunt from John Wayne to SeaTac and want to know how to map out an all-day foodie excursion, we’ve got you covered. We’re providing you with the best food in Seattle.

best food seattle
Columbia City Bakery
Columbia City Bakery

4865 Rainier Ave S | Seattle, WA 98118 | 206.723.6023 |

After you’re done gawking at the first ever Starbucks and its line that wraps around the block, head over to Columbia City Bakery for breakfast. Headed by the James Beard Award finalist, Evan Andres, the bakery has a reputation for high quality baked goods. Their signature Columbia City Sourdough, Croissants, and Cinnamon twists (among many other items on their extensive menu) have endeared them to the people of Seattle. Not only do they offer their bread on-location, but they also supply bread to some of the best restaurants around the city. This speaks volumes to their genuine commitment to fine baked goods. Columbia City Bakery is an absolute necessity as an early morning stop. The bakery is just a five-minute bike ride or drive from the picturesque Seward Park where you can enjoy your delicious treats by Lake Washington. A great way to start the day.

Sunset Fried Chicken

1610 12th Ave | Seattle, WA 98122 |

Ready for lunch and want a unique experience? Well Sunset Fried Chicken should hit the spot. It is just one of several of Chef Monica Dimas’s locations in Seattle. Dimas has been described as a rising star in the culinary world over the last few years with progressive and exciting restaurants. Located inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Sunset Fried Chicken is no exception. The menu is simple and clean with sandwiches, salads, and sides done right. The Picante sandwich, featuring spicy fried chicken, pickled jalapenos, tangy cabbage slaw and chili mayo is a must-try (just make sure you have a cold drink ready to cool you off). Non-meat eaters, don’t fret! There’s some fried goodness on the menu for you too! The Charleston sandwich will hit the spot with its fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese and mayo on a toasted bun. Sunset Fried Chicken is a great place to stop while seeing the sites as it is quick, delicious, and has something for just about anyone.

best Seattle food

106 Occidental Ave S | Seattle, WA 98104 | 206.388.2196 |

If you’re ready for something new and you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll need to head over to Nirmal’s. Located in the business district of Pioneer Square, Nirmal’s is an exciting new way to experience fine Indian cuisine. Their dishes are bold and vibrant, displaying the vision of master Chef Nirmal Monteiro. From the spicy Lamb Shank garnished with slices of jalapeno to the masterfully presented Dungeness Crab, they provide a menu that showcases flavors from several regions of India. The dining space is open with large front windows, vaulted ceilings, and exposed brick which creates a true downtown feel with a romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is just a short walk from both the famous Pike Place Market and the Seattle Art Museum. Open for lunch and dinner, Nirmal’s is the perfect middle or end to a day of shopping and site seeing.

Sushi Kashiba

86 Pine St, #1 | Seattle, WA 98101 | 206.441.8844 |

If you want quintessential Seattle, you have to try Sushi Kashiba in Pike Place Market. The marketplace is cultural hub with fresh produce and fresh fish. Needless to say, Chef Shiro Kashiba has his pick of the freshest seafood. Chef Kashiba famously studied under world-renowned sushi chef, Jiro Ono in the 1960’s. In 1970, he decided to introduce sushi to Seattle, and has had decades of success in The Pacific Northwest. Chef Kashiba’s legendary status in the sushi world may precede him, but his food truly delivers on every level. His masterful approach to the intricate and delicate art of sushi sets Sushi Kashiba apart from the rest. So head to Pike Place Market, see the food stalls, see the gorgeous flower markets, see the craft and art vendors, see the fisherman throw and catch fish, but do not be late for your reservation at Sushi Kashiba.

best Seattle food
Eden Hill
Eden Hill

2209 Queen Anne Ave N | Seattle, WA 98109 | 206.708.6836 |

If you want quality food in an intimate setting for dinner, Eden Hill is exactly what you’re looking for. The restaurant resides in the charming hillside neighborhood of Queen Anne and features a calming atmosphere with hues of blue, floral walls, and earthy wooden décor. The food, on the other hand, is full of experimental verve. Their menu showcases entrees like grilled octopus, a crispy pighead candy bar, and an olive oil glass (which is in fact an edible glass sculpture made of olive oil!). Located just under two miles from the Olympic Sculpture Park and the world famous Space Needle, Eden Hill is an exceptional punctuation to a day out in Seattle.

Tortas Condesa

1510 E Olive Way | Seattle, WA 98122 |

Ready to step up your torta game? Don’t know what a torta is? Fear not, we’ll help you out. A torta is a type of sandwich, originating in Mexico, that is served on a crunchy roll. We know what you’re thinking. Sandwiches? That’s it? Well think again because Tortas Condesa offers so much more. Again, through the vision of Chef Monica Dimas, they focus on something simple like the torta and take it to the next level. If you peruse their menu, you’ll find tortas that feature spicy pulled pork, their signature house chorizo, and braised beef mole among many other exciting sandwich concoctions. Their tortas are wildly atypical and thoroughly delicious. Now you’re ready to venture out into the world of tortas and we suggest you start here with Tortas Condesa.

best Seattle food
Heartwood Provisions
Heartwood Provisions

1103 1st Ave | Seattle, WA 98101 | 206.582.3505 |

Next on the dinner list is Heartwood Provisions. The space has a slick city feel but also maintains a slightly rustic vibe. Heartwood Provisions is the vision of Chef Varin Keokitvon. His dishes are described as artful and rustic with a distinct flare added from Chef Keokitvon’s Laotian heritage. Their menu features hearty mains like king salmon, honey roasted duck breast, and dry aged prime New York steak. Robust flavors and quality cuts seem to be the theme here. Each menu item is paired with a suggested drink from the restaurant’s extensive bar. It is clear that artful culinary craft is at the core of Heartwood Provisions. Plain and simple, this place needs to be on your list of must-try dinner spots.

Neon Taco

209 Broadway E | Seattle, WA 98102 | 323.577.3045 |

If you’re looking to cap off your day with a night out of drinks and great food, we have the ultimate recommendation. Located at the back of Capitol Hill bar, Nacho Borracho, Neon Taco is the way to go if you want some seriously good Mexican food. Yet another of Chef Monica Dimas’s creations, Neon Taco offers generous portions of tacos and other delightful dishes. Highlights include their beef tacos and carnitas tacos as well as their totchos. Totchos are a customer favorite nacho-like dish that feature tater tots instead of chips which are smothered in cheese and topped with pulled pork. So do yourself a favor and head into Nacho Borracho, locate the yellow neon sign that simply reads, “tacos” and let it be the beacon that guides you to a fiesta of Mexican flavors.

Here ends our culinary tour of Seattle. We want to make sure that you feel confident in your foodie travels and have this map to follow to the most delicious and exciting spots in the city. We feel confident that we covered our bases and offered you recommendations to the best food in Seattle. So next time you are in the city, get out there, be adventurous, eat and enjoy!

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