How to Make a Meal the Easy Way With the Bellini

Bellini by Cedarlane


ow many times have you said, “I really don’t need this, but…” I say it often, mostly when shopping for shoes, purses or kitchen appliances.  The Bellini Kitchen Master falls into the category of the addition to your arsenal that you didn’t know you needed until you use one. 

When Cedarlane reached out about the Bellini, I thought they wanted to discuss Peach Mimosas, which I was more than happy to talk about, or test for them. I was wrong, although I am finding I can most likely make a Bellini in the Bellini by Cedarlane, as it is a multi-tasking kitchen appliance like nothing I have tested in my kitchen. The Bellini, like other thermal cookers, is a powerful blender with a heating and steaming element, allowing versatility and cooking combinations in the kitchen that other blenders and mixers don’t offer. I had not heard of the Bellini, which made testing it out all the better, as I had no preconceived expectations of what this multi-faceted machine could or would do.  

The box itself made me smile, as there was a printed introduction on the package stating, ‘Hi, I’m your new Bellini, your best friend in the kitchen. Please open this box second. I’m hiding underneath.’  If a piece of cardboard could make me smile, I knew what was inside the box was going to be the beginning of something beautiful.

The Bellini by Cedarlane is a multi-tasking sous chef. The machine blends, steams, chops, whips, cooks, emulsifies, and so much more that the need for many other kitchen appliance is significantly reduced. Foodie friends told me that there might be a learning curve, but I found the directions to be clear and very simple to follow. The unit is easy to use, and basic to deluxe dishes are done in minutes, if not seconds. I started off with an easy dish, eggs. Most Instant Pot owners began their pressure cooking journey with a water test followed by hard-boiled eggs. I did the same with the Bellini, but instead of hard boiled eggs, I had an egg, cheese, bacon and tomato omelet. I didn’t use a stove, a pan, or unsuccessfully flip a burnt crusty egg over an undercooked eggy filling.  I just poured the ingredients into the steel bowl, mixed for a few seconds, and then poured the mixture into the steamer. I set three easy dials (timer, speed and temperature all clearly noted in the directions) and walked away. Within minutes breakfast was ready, and it was as perfectly cooked as any omelet I’ve had. By dinner I was ready to try my new toy again, so I opted to make cheesy grits to go with my sous vide pork chops. I added grits, cheese and water into the Bellini bowl, set the dials, and again, within minutes the grits were done.  I may or may not have fried the grits with jalapenos in bacon grease in my Hex Clad pan.  I also used my new best friend to make a mashed cauliflower side dish, and a bourbon peach fruit crisp for dessert. Easy as pie, which the machine also makes, as well as ice cream. And lattes. And soups, jams, bread, sauces, mayonnaise and Irish cream. The list is endless. Did I mention the Bellini also crushes ice with the touch of a button?

Bellini by Cedarlane

I followed more recipes from the printed cookbook and from a few I found online until I got more comfortable, and then ventured on my own to make an artichoke dip, hummus, tzatziki and freshly grated horseradish. Every day I tried something new and found the machine to be not just user-friendly, but very easy to clean, which are huge perks in this home cook’s book. There is one main work bowl that the ingredients get mixed in, and a few attachments such as the steamer basket, different blades and a variety of mixing tools for different dishes. All attachments are included, as is a kitchen scale, recipe book, both a long and short version of directions and a really nice box.

Bellini by Cedarlane is an excellent complement to the Urban Trend’s gadget line and it each provides instructions for every meal of the day, as well as drinks, appetizers and desserts. Add bread and homemade butter, and you will be dining at your kitchen table in no time. 

Cedarlane Culinary, the parent company, is based in Canada, with a US location for expedited shipping. Popular in Europe, this multi-tasking kitchen gadget is finally making its way to the states. Priced at about 1000 dollars less than some other thermo-cookers, it is worth its weight in gold, at a fraction of the price. You can find recipes, FAQs and much more at

Do you need it? Yes (you just don’t know that yet). Should you try it?  Definitely. Will you love it? I hope so. When you get yours, find me at The Gadget Gourmet and let’s share a virtual Bellini with our Bellinis. 



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