Babette’s: A Game-Changer for the Health Conscious

Sustainable Food, Locally Sourced, Fully Delicious


Babette’s Newport Coast
7962 E. Coast Hwy, Newport Coast, CA
949 715-9915



ustainability has become the focus for many restaurant owners lately as more and more turn to working with local farmers and growers who specialize in cultivating ingredients without being harmful to the environment. Barbara Layton, Owner of Babette’s Newport Beach and the East Hampton NY location, had often found herself wondering, “Why can’t ‘healthy’ food be delicious and visually exquisite?” Th at question ultimately led to the birth of Babette’s. Barbara didn’t want diners to have to compromise just because they wanted to eat clean. She recognized that creating an environment where people felt comfortable, as well as providing only the best of ingredients for the dishes, would create a place that would keep people coming back for more. One step inside Babette’s and you’ll notice the warm decor, gorgeous views of the ocean, private patio, and knowledgeable heartfelt staff.


“Why can’t ‘healthy’ food be delicious and visually exquisite?” – Barbara Layton, Owner Babette’s

Babette’s serves fresh food options that are well thought out and full of flavor. A specialty of theirs is the Tuscan Quinoa Bowl, made up of kale, fingerling potato, sunny-side up eggs, toybox tomatoes and kale-pumpkin seed gremolata. Each bite packs incredible flavor and tastes amazing. Th eir menu changes about four times a year, as they like to work with seasonally relevant ingredients. Zach Layton, Owner/Chef of Babette’s in Newport, shared that the soul behind his dishes come from both his mother and grandmother, whom he cooked with on a daily basis as a child. When asked how sustainable food has impacted him as a chef, Zach responded with, “I believe that as chefs we have a responsibility to ourselves and future generations to make sure that we’re working with products that are sustainable moving forward…it’s important to us to have a future of agriculture that involves natural organic processes.”

Orange County Brunch
Tuscan Quinoa Bowl

“It’s important to us to have a future of agriculture that involves natural organic processes.” – Zach Layton, Owner/Chef

But, the thing that really sets Babette’s apart from the rest is the diversity of their menu. A raw-food vegan can enjoy a delicious breakfast while a traditional meat-lover can easily find something that leaves them feeling full and satisfied. Aside from their delicious food staples, Babette’s offers something truly unique: Raw Cold Pressed Juice Cocktails. These refreshing creations help lessen the guilt of indulging in a cocktail, mainly due to their healthy ingredients. Babette’s 24 Karats cocktail is a house favorite and made up of carrot, ginger, lemon and vodka. Th e craft syrups used for their cocktails are made in-house, and rarely is any additional sugar added. Th at’s the primary factor at Babette’s, keeping food clean. So, break away from the ordinary, and stop in for a breakfast experience unlike any other. Breakfast is served daily until 4 PM.

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