5 Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Creamer That Will Amp Up Your Daily Routine

1. Califia Farms Almond Milk Coffee Creamer


Almond milk has revolutionized the world of the lactose-free, allowing them to take part in all the dairy decadences without having to break down the main sugar that causes so many health issues- lactose. The California born and raised almond milk company, Califia Farms has created a dairy free, additive-less, flavor-full, plant-milk creamer that offers the same sweet flavors as typical coffee creamers, without the guilt of a sweet treat.

Flavored-coffee lovers do not have to give up their vanilla, hazelnut, Irish cream or even pecan caramel drinks just to be healthier because Califia Farms swears its almond milk creamer is not only as flavorful and smooth as dairy products, but it is also the wholesome fix to these typically fattening creamers. As California natives, Califia Farms not only understands the health trends of the area, but also the need for sustainable practices that will keep the coastal state lush and beautiful. They work closely with their local water board to make sure that the water used in their facilities is repurposed to irrigate nearby farms.

Just an insider’s tip: their PET bottle is designed with a pour spout that allows for a controlled dosage to minimize over-pouring! Healthy and environmentally conscious- seems like a California Dream!

healthy coffee creamer

2. Norwegian Egg Coffee

While the idea of dropping a raw egg into coffee might be a long-shot for even the most adventurous coffee-lovers looking for a way to mix up their morning drink, the trend does have loyal partakers.

Popularized by the Scandinavians, Norwegian Egg Coffee comes with the idea that it clarifies the drink, leaving no sediment behind. It is relatively easy to make, with the only steps being to boil 3 cups of water, mix the egg, coffee grounds and three tablespoons of cold water into a paste that is then added to the boiling water for three minutes. Add a cup of cold water after removing from the heat, strain into a pitcher, and you have a cup of Norwegian Egg Coffee.

The main reason that many people put creamer into their coffee is to detract from the bitter taste of the coffee itself. This egg coffee creates a “round richness completely devoid of bitterness,” deeming it unnecessary to add a creamer at all.

With no creamer and an added egg, Norwegian Egg Coffee is a healthier, and protein packed, coffee alternative.

3. So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer


Another untraditional coffee creamer that deserves to be mentioned is coconut milk. So Delicious Dairy Free promises to transform “humdrum coffee and tea into a creamy and decadent part of your morning routine,” and by only using verified organic coconuts, the company has made sure to supply only the best products.

Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins C, E and B, and minerals including iron and calcium, encouraging even those without lactose intolerance to add coconut milk to their daily diet.

On their website, So Delicious Dairy Free offers many recipes to try, with our favorite being So Delicious’ rendition of a Dairy- Free Golden Milk Latte. Usually enjoyed before bedtime, this turmeric tea is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, naturally. But by adding coconut milk creamer as opposed to dairy milk, it is also a nutritious bedtime treat.

With a firm commitment to the preservation of the environment and their partnerships with farmers and suppliers, So Delicious has dedicated itself to philanthropic work around the globe, making their coconut milk creamer that much more irresistible for coffee lovers to indulge in.

healthy coffee creamer

4. Butter

Javatini’s Coffee  | 22972 Moulton Pkwy | Laguna Hills, CA 92653 | 949.305.0427

That’s right, I said it. People are actually putting butter pats right into their coffee, and though it might seem dangerous to the health- conscious, avid ‘butter coffee’ drinkers swear by the creamy addition.

For coffee drinkers that are running a little behind schedule and might need a quick alternative, it is easy to add two tablespoons of butter to their coffee to replace breakfast altogether. Butter, while it is commonly believed that it should be avoided, can actually provide the body with essential fats and calories that it needs to keep energized throughout the day.

A former skeptic, Chris Perez, tried butter coffee and was surprised to find that he enjoyed the beverage and found it to, “Rev up [the] body and mind,” and keep him full throughout the morning.

If you’re the adventurous type, Javantini’s Coffee in Laguna Hills, California serves Bulletproof Coffee filtered with butter for a more energizing coffee.

This atypical coffee creamer is popular among those participating in a paleo diet and adds a smoothness to your drink that might be worth a try.

5. The Protein- Packed Ripped Cream


Southern California is saturated with coastal health nuts, always thinking about the best ways to maintain their swimsuit body for the year-round summer weather. Protein shakes, protein balls and even protein-style burgers at In n’ Out are popularizing a new protein- lead diet focused on reenergizing our bodies before and after workouts. Ripped Cream offers the “world’s first- ever protein coffee creamer specially formulated with all natural ingredients to have as much protein as an egg (6g)…transforming that coffee you love into a truly awesome energy drink.”

By also being GMO, Gluten and Lactose- Free, health conscious consumers can get their morning energy, without worrying about the negative effects of fattening creamers and sugars.

President and mind behind Ripped Cream, Robin Dimiceli, says that, “Ripped Cream alone in coffee is one of the greatest recipes first thing in the morning.”

For all those not only looking to amplify your coffee, but also build some muscle and energize their morning, Ripped Cream is not your average coffee creamer, but it could be a beneficial alternative.

healthy coffee creamer

So, next time you grab the half and half without thinking, remember some of these unordinary ways that you can make your morning cup o’ joe a little more exciting (and maybe a little healthier!) and your day a little less ordinary.



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