Put a Boozy Twist on One of the Most Popular Autumnal Activities

Apple Picking

So it’s October and it still feels like the dead of summer here in southern California. That being said, we jump at the opportunity to partake in anything that remotely resembles sweater weather, hoping that the breeze will carry in the cooler temperatures. This means apple-flavored cocktails and apple picking, to name a few.

Picture this weekend adventure; take a trip to a local apple orchard, partake in picking apples (possibly while listening to Flo Rida’s “Low”), take some selfies, add to your Snapchat story, and then going home with bountiful precious ingredients to create some top-notch craft cocktails. Apple  Pie Moscow Mules, anyone?

For those of you who want think this sounds like a good time, check out this list by CBS to locate local orchards. Then, see below for cocktail recipes that will give you a reason to get to drinking this apple-picking season:

Caramel Apple Mimosas: Your favorite brunch drink gets a sweet seasonal makeover. All you need for this recipe is champagne, apple cider, caramel vodka, cinnamon sugar and caramel. Mix the caramel and sugar together to rim on the glass, then put the cider and caramel vodka together and top off with champagne. See full recipe here.

Apple Pie Moscow Mule: Fill up your copper glasses with this easy to make apple pie Moscow Mule recipe. Just take your normal Moscow Mule ingredients (ginger beer and vodka) and combine with apple cider and slices for garnish. You can find the recipe here.

Peach & Pecan Sweat Tea Cocktail: This take on the southern staple is as easy as it is good. Simply buy some Peach Pecan Whiskey and mix with sweet tea to make this fall cocktail. See more here.

Peach & Pecan-Infused Bourbon: Kentucky is known for its bourbon, so this drink combines all things southern: peaches, pecans and bourbon. This one takes some preparation (you have to let all of the ingredients soak for 5-7 days) but it will definitely be worth it when you’re sipping on this drink on a cool fall night. You can make this recipe using theGraniac 9 Grain Bourbon from Corsair – Bowling Green, KY’s own award-winning distillery – to make this quintessential Southern drink. Check out the instructions here.


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