AoSA Coffee: Avo-Toast and Artisan Latte Heaven


idden away in the corner of Huntington Harbour mall, AoSA Coffee is the neighborhood cafe that Huntington Beach has been lacking. Full of rustic wood finishes, the smell of delicious locally sourced coffee, and the hum of “Fleet Foxes” over the speakers, AoSA envelops its visitors in a trendy, yet cozy atmosphere.

Being one of my personal favorite spots to stop in and chill, I wanted to get to know more about AoSA’s history. You wouldn’t know from sitting inside the high-ceilinged, warehouse-like shop that there is a whole sustainable production company in the back. AoSA Image, which stands for “The Art of Sustainable Action,” stems from the company’s original purpose of producing woodworking and print projects for other eco-conscious companies, such as Tom’s shoes and Sambazon Acai. The front of the production warehouse became such a comfortable place to hang out, that AoSA decided to open its front doors to the Huntington Beach community and welcome the neighborhood in for a delicious cup of coffee—topped with some of the prettiest latte art, which never fails to give your brew that personal touch.

More Than Meets the Eye

While touring the back-house, I was able to feel the creative energy that transcends from their projects to their cafe menu. Not a corner of AoSA goes without thought and innovation, making the entire building personal, all the way down to the last sip of espresso. The cafe gives off a feeling of being a part of something bigger, their wood finishes all the way to their coffee are locally sourced with a focus on making the earth a greener place. Choosing to sip a Harvest latte invites you to really taste the love that goes into the beans, take your time to appreciate the slower things in life, and give back to the earth in a little, delicious way.

Local Source, Big Taste

Inside, you will find a menu fit for every coffee or tea drinker. AoSA Coffee offers a variety of craft coffees, from French press to iced lattes. Using artisan beans that are locally sourced, their coffee doesn’t have to come from a far, exotic land to tickle your taste buds. They are the first multi-roaster coffee shop in Huntington Beach. This means that they rotate their beans out to keep them locally sourced, which adds a little excitement to the percolation.

In the world of teas, the tea lover will have a hard time choosing which type they want to cozy up with. From gorgeous, creamy matcha lattes to spicy chai, the choices are endless. Just like their locally sourced coffee beans, AoSA serves Summit Tea; a family owned tea business from Redlands, California. The cafe takes pride that whether you’re sipping a hot latte or cold iced tea, you will know exactly where and how far the ingredients traveled.

Probably one their more unique attractions is their kombucha tea on tap. Constantly rotating out flavors, their kombucha tea is cold, crisp, and refreshing without skimping on all of the benefits kombucha drinkers are seeking. They also offer a smooth, nitro cold brew. Both of these on-tap beverages give the cafe a Portland vibe right in Huntington Beach’s own backyard.

Palate Pleasers

In terms of food, AoSA Coffee keeps it simple and delicious. For a healthy and refreshing option, sink your spoon into their fresh acai bowls. From coconut to chocolate peanut butter, their bowls will satisfy all of your cravings without sacrificing the nutrition. If you want something a little more indulgent, they offer fresh pastries. The blueberry muffins are bursting with berries and are so moist, you will have a hard time stopping at just one. You can also purchase “day-olds” for a marked down price. AoSA means it when it comes to limited waste.

Avo-Toast Heaven

You know us millennials—we can’t say no to avocado toast. So it’s only natural that a coffee shop as hip as AoSA Coffee is venturing into the world of topped, crispy bread. I was lucky enough to try out some of their new pairings. Being a toast connoisseur, I wasn’t let down in the slightest.

Among the four that I tried, the flavors ranged from sweet to savory. First up, a crispy french baguette topped with their avocado mash, micro greens, cherry tomatoes and black pepper. This one was an all-around flavor pleaser for the classic avo-toast lover.

Secondly, I sunk my teeth into another toasted french baguette topped with avocado mash, pomegranate seeds, raw milk cheddar cheese and drizzled with honey. This one combined sweet and savory in all the right places. It was like eating a charcuterie spread in one bite.

Next up were a spicy hummus and mango toast, perfect for vegans looking to get some more sustenance. Bringing an excellent medley of flavors together, the toast combines sweet mango paired with the sriracha hummus. Then, chili lime seasoning is dusted over it, and fresh lime juice is squeezed on top. What isn’t to love about every bite of this toast?

Last, for an interesting and smoky, sweet option, a Nutella-style avocado toast creates a blast of flavor in your mouth. Slices of avocado lay on top of a chocolate-almond spread and are topped with smokey African spice. It mimics the Latin flavors of chili and chocolate but is balanced out by the smooth and creamy avocado. A must try!

Falling for AoSA

Paired with all of these was the Harvest Latte, AoSA’s version of a pumpkin spice latte. It blends all of the flavors of fall with their rich and smooth espresso. Between the latte and the toast, AoSA Coffee swept me off my feet.

So, if you’re looking for a low-traffic, artisan coffee shop that is giving back to the community one sustainable step at a time, you won’t find a better place to chill out than AoSA Coffee. Creativity, coffee and community all merge in this cozy corner shop.

AoSA | 16821 Algonquin St Ste 104. Huntington Beach, 92649 |

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