Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine: Every Brunch Club’s New Destination

2607 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92614 |

Being part of the brunch club is hard. No, not because eating different variations of eggs benedict and french toast is tiring, but because you start to run out of five-star brunch options. If you’re looking for a new spot to expand your brunch horizons, look no further. Located in Irvine, Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails will fix you right up with a Pavan mimosa only the best brunchers dream of.

Breaking The Bread

Every great meal starts with a fantastic bread basket, and Andrei’s is no exception. Their spin on the classic starter is a mix of french toast sticks and little cornbread muffins served with a maple whipped butter. Diving into this pre-brunch is like biting into a little bit of bread lover’s heaven.

Is It Brunch-Time Or Lunch-Time?

Let’s talk brunch salad. If you’re craving something a little lighter than the classic breakfast platter or are more in the mood for the “unch” side of brunch, Andrei’s arugula salad is the perfect option. The star of this dish is the tempura-fried egg. Crazy sounding, but incredibly delicious. A poached egg is rolled in tempura and then flash fried to create a little delectable treat that is crispy on the outside but still gooey on the inside. The mixture of the fried outside with the runny yolk makes this salad a unique meal of flavor. This little movie star sits on top of a bed of wild arugula, tossed in a lemon-herb dressing and topped with shaved almonds and pickled red onion. Are you drooling yet?

A Toasted Spin On A Classic

If breakfast toast is more your speed, Andrei’s has you covered with their lox and bagel makeover. Their take on the classic includes a thick piece of grilled sourdough topped with thinly sliced salmon, egg salad, cherry tomatoes, capers and shaved red onion. It will throw even the most devoted lox-bagel-lover into a sea of flavor.

Pigs In A … Pancake?

Pancake-wise, the Pigs n’ a (Lemon Ricotta) Blanket is an amazing entree that is big enough to share with a friend or devour all on your own (we won’t tell anyone). Three chicken apple sausages are wrapped in the fluffiest lemon ricotta pancakes and topped with ricotta mousse, fresh berries and maple syrup. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar, it begs you to dive in. Paired with a mimosa, this dish arrives so expertly plated that it almost is too beautiful to eat — almost. You’ll have a hard time stopping your fork from ruining the aesthetic after the first bite.

Betchya Can’t Eat Just One

In case the bread basket, entree, and any in-betweens you snacked on haven’t completely brunched you to the brim, Andrei’s dessert options are always a must have-and-devour. Well-known, and for a good reason, their warm peach-cheesecake stuffed beignets are sure to awaken every dessert-loving particle of your senses. These little balls of sugary delight are drizzled with warm caramel sauce and topped with cinnamon whipped cream. The golden rule of brunch club is to not worry about your waistline, and these are no exception. We dare you to stop at just one—go on, we DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU! (Warning: you will most definitely lose this dare).

Unlike any other menu in the brunch universe, Andrei’s is putting all brunchers to the test on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. If you think you’ve mimosa-ed and poached-egged it all, you need to scramble over to Andrei’s to sink your fork into some unbelievable brunch items. We guarantee you’ll be waddling out of there with a new go-to brunch spot on your list.

2607 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92614 |

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