A Taste of Switzerland

The Must-See Destination for Hiking, Luxury and Cuisine

When it comes to planning a trip to Europe, there are almost too many options to choose from. Regardless of where you’ve been, there’s always somewhere new to visit. Switzerland is the ultimate European destination for luxury and adventure, where gourmet cuisine meets beautiful scenery to offer a one of a kind experience. We’re sharing some of the top travel spots to add to your Switzerland to-do list.

Zurich: The Starting Point

“Food is what brings us together.” — Food Zurich

A favorite pick for tourists, Zurich is home to beautiful hotels among picturesque lakes and rivers. The region serves as the perfect starting place for all of your adventures. Famously known for their chocolate and cheese, we recommend trying them both during your stay.

Food Zurich- Food Festival

September 7th-17th 2017

Food Zurich is the ultimate foodie destination. In its second year, the  event will welcome visitors to try a variety of local foods and experience what it means to eat like a local. This year will focus on four themes: Switzerland, young people, innovation, and sustainability. The festival has a goal of cultivating the future of Swiss cuisine and promoting sustainability in an entertaining way.

Ticino: “The California of Switzerland”

“Eat and drink your way through the delights of Ticino and get ready for a tasty trip through the region’s most renowned delicacies.” — Ticino Tourism

The Italian-speaking region of Switzerland is another stop to add to your trip. Clean beaches and palm trees on the southern side of the Alps offer “la dolce vita.” Stunning scenery is only a small part of what you’ll get to experience.  Insider’s tip: Ticino is the only place in the world with white merlot!

Food & Wine Tour Lugano

Polenta and Merlot are the essence of Ticino cuisine. Take a hike along the Lago Ritom nature trail paired with cold cuts and specialty wines. You’ll discover the exclusive Prosciutto dell’Alpe Piora along with the maturation cellar where raw ham is gradually refined amongst the aromas of the high mountains.

Lucerne: Beginning of Tourism as We Know It

“Learn a great deal about different countries, people and their products and recipes.” — Shop & Food Tour

Home to beautiful lakes and healthy living, Lucerne is the embodiment of sustainable tourism. Along with mountain excursions and camping, Lucerne is known for breathtaking views as well as luxury hotels and spas.

Shop and Food Tour

Switzerland’s most colorful neighborhood, Lucerne’s Baselstrasse, offers a guided tour that includes African, Asian, South American and Eastern European food shops, and allows visitors to learn a great deal about different countries and cultures.

Geneva: Humanitarian Tradition Meets Cosmopolitan Flair

“Discover history through an atypical Gourmet Food tour. Explore cultural places and step into the universe of local food tasting. Our guide will make sure you’ve got an unforgetable experience.” — Eat & Chill Tour

In Switzerland’s second most populated city, there’s never a lack of activity. From outdoor excursions to concerts and events, you’ll have a packed schedule. Enjoy a cocktail with a view at one of Geneva’s many magical bars, many with rooftop views. Museums and river cruises will also entertain you during your stay in this magnificent region.

Eat and Chill Tour Geneva

Discover history through a one of a kind Gourmet Food tour, located in the heart of Geneva. You’ll be transported into the universe of local food tasting, with a guide who will make sure you’ve got an experience you’ll never forget. The tour includes tastings of the finest chocolates in town, dry meats, and classic pastries.


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