A Closer Look at Outdoor Cooking

What You Need in Order to be the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainer

There are many benefits that come with living in sunny California, but arguably one of the best has to be the year-round backyard, outdoor cooking. Whether it’s a family get together, or a cozy night in with some friends, there’s always an opportunity to utilize the outdoors for some entertaining. From smoking to grilling, we’re sharing some of our favorite tools that will help you make sure that you never run out of ways to cook up a good time.


Sierra Linear Fire Pit Table From Woodland Direct

This sophisticated backyard centerpiece will provide more than just warmth for those chillier Orange County nights. Invite friends over to make some S’mores and you’ll be instantly transported back to your childhood. Find more information on this product here.


Rapid Heating Wood Burning Pizza Oven From Hammacher

Specially made in Italy, this outdoor accessory will be sure to change up your traditional pizza-making ways. With a cook time of three minutes, you’ll easily be able to whip up some fresh and creative pizzas that will impress both family and friends alike. Find more information on this product here.


SmokinTex Smoker From Williams-Sonoma

If you’ve been looking to spice up your barbecue game, look no further. With this perfectly sized electric smoker, you’ll be able to enjoy smoky flavors all year long in the comfort of your backyard. From ribs to steaks, you’ll never run out of ways to make use of this one of a kind product. Find more information on this product here.


Polyscience Smoking Gun ™ Handheld Food Smoker from Crate & Barrel

Wanting a way to add that barbecue pit flavor to your dishes without the hassle of a full-sized smoker? This handheld food smoker will change the way you cook both indoors and outdoors without taking up any excess space (you can even add smoky hints to cocktails). This battery-operated smoker will be sure to switch up your flavor combinations with minimal effort involved. Did we mention that it also makes a great gift? Find more information on this product here.


Hibachi and Gas Grill From Wayfair

No longer will you need to venture out to your local Japanese restaurant in order to get a taste of tabletop-cooked goodness. This backyard hibachi grill offers a unique way to entertain and create delicious meals. Explore the chef in you as you fry up new dishes that everyone will get to enjoy. Find more information on this product here.

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