7 Atypical Gadgets From Uncommon Goods We Love

In a world that promotes and praises individuality no one wants to be a boring cookie-cutter person. So, help bring that wonderful uniqueness about you into your kitchen with these fun and unusual pieces. For more kitchen gadgets similar to the ones listed below check out all that Uncommon Goods has to offer, but be warned, the website is highly addictive.


Butter Churner | $30

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is trying to butter a piece of toast and watching as the bread sadly gets mutilated from cold butter. So, when I stumbled upon this old-fashioned butter churner I knew it would make the perfect addition to my kitchen and save my morning toast! You’d be surprised at how much fun it actually is. Whip up your own tasty butter, and play around with the different recipes that come included for an assortment of flavored varieties.


Ocean Reel Salt and Pepper Shakers | $129.95

Let me cast some light on these clever salt and pepper grinders designed to mimic classic fishing reels. The hard aluminum and marine grade stainless steel will add a touch of nautical to your kitchen table. A wooden caddy keeps them protected and secure when not in use. A perfect gift for the fisherman in your life.



Flavor Fusion Water Bottle | $19.99

A brilliant entrepreneur teen, Carter Kostler, designed this Flavor Fusion Water Bottle after becoming concerned over the amount of sugary drinks his family was consuming. The bottom half of the bottle is designed to hold fruits or herbs and then infuse them with the water without pulp clogging the spout. It’s the perfect size to fit into your car’s cup holder, or to carry with you while out on the run. A clever way to make sure you’re getting in your 8 cups of water a day!


Stackable Mason Jar Measuring Cups | $14.95

Mason jars. They can be used for almost anything. And now you can add to the list, measuring cups! These stackable cups measure 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup. When not in use, simply stack the measuring cups back up again for a cute countertop display.



Mug Tree | $70

Sure you could store your coffee cups in the kitchen cabinets like most people do, but where’s the fun in that? Leave them on display and make them easily accessible with this organic mug tree cup holder that is made from reclaimed mangosteen wood. Because each piece is made from reclaimed wood, no piece is alike. Use it to let your mugs air dry, or display it as an art piece. Either way, this is sure to be a conversation starter.


Pickling Barrel | $89

Peter Piper picked a pair of pickled peppers… not really the same, but you can certainly make a peck of pickles in the comfort of your own kitchen with this incredibly charming miniature pickle barrel! This lightly toasted, American white oak barrel comes with a recipe for first-time fermentors. So the next time you’re looking for something fun to add to your kitchen, don’t get stuck in a pickle, make one instead!


Steampunk Coffee Grinder | $65

Coffee, for most, is what gets us going in the mornings. It’s a liquid lifesaver. So wake up, and get grinding! Save yourself the time of rushing for coffee in the mornings before work, and make some in the comfort of your own home instead. This steampunk-inspired coffee mill featuring an adjustable grinder and solid maple cap. “The included jar holds 20 tablespoons of fresh, finely ground coffee, and the mill screws on to most mason jars for an integrated grind-and-store system.” (Uncommon Goods)

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