6 Must-Have Cheese Accessories


A large cheese board or tray is vital for starting off your cheese plate; this will give you plenty of space to work with when laying out your spread. Using a board made of slate is perfect because the dark color of the board will contrast the fromage quite nicely. The cheese will pop out and look delicious against the clean dark slate. Picnic at Ascot’s Sardo Slate Cheese Board is an excellent choice because it has two stainless steel handles that are perfect for transporting the tray from the kitchen to your guests. It also comes with two soapstone pencils so you can write on the board; these pencils are great for your guests so they won’t mistake Asadero from Asiago.


Accompanying your cheeses with a set of appropriate knives for the occasion is an excellent way to allow everyone to get their hands on a slice of cheese with ease. Freehawk 4 Pieces Set Cheese Knives will be a great addition to your cheese board. The bamboo handles and stainless steel cheese slicer will make cutting the cheese a good thing.


Labeling your cheeses are a necessary must when putting together a cheese spread. Sur La Table Porcelain Cheese Markers are a great way to let your guests know what types of cheeses they are cutting into. These porcelain cheese markers are easy to write on them with the pen that is included. Using these markers will set your cheese board apart from all the others for the better, and will also help your guests feel more connected to what they are tasting. It’s always great to have the opportunity to highlight the names of farms or to share the journey of the cheese.


Having a complete compact cheese board set that you can take anywhere is a cheese lovers must-have. Picnic Time’s Circo Cheese Board is the perfect set, featuring a circular cutting board with a swivel that contains four different cheese knives. There is a cheese cleaver for crumbly cheeses, a cheese plane for semi-hard cheeses, a fork-tipped cheese knife and a hard cheese knife/spreader. This small cheese platter is ideal for a picnic or a quick, convenient addition at a dinner party.


These small handheld cheese graters are the perfect tool for any cheese lover looking to add some cheese to a meal. Sur La Table’s Microplane Soft-Handle Zester Graters will make grating any hard cheese easier with razor-sharp edges and a comfortable handle. This tool might not be useful for a cheese board. Although it is still handy to have around for any dish you are serving up.


Using a glass cheese dome and white marble base is the perfect display for your fine cheeses. Crate and Barrel’s French Kitchen Marble Cheese Dome will keep your cheese fresh, while also allowing the cheese to breathe and create its microclimate. The cheese will then ripen properly and be ready to serve at perfection. The great thing about the marble base is that it can double as a cheese board when the cheese is ripe.


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