5 TSA Approved Food Finds From Your Travels

You’re about to get on the plane to fly back to California from your foodie adventure in Massachusetts. You not only went fishing at Wachusett Reservoir, but you also caught bass. Before leaving for the airport, you stopped by one of Boston’s famous pastry shops — Mike’s Pastry. You bought some delicious cannolis and ricotta pies to share with family and friends back home. Then, you begin to wonder how you’re going to bring these edible souvenirs on the plane with you. Are these TSA approved foods? Well, if it’s anything listed below, you’re good to fly!


ccording to the Huffington Post and Insider Travel, foods like hamburger, salad, pizza and many more are TSA approved foods. However, there are also many absurd foods and food gadgets that are allowed to pass through the TSA security, and can make your trip even more worthwhile! TSA approved foods 

TSA Approved Foods

To all the pie and cake lovers, you are in good hands! Both pies and cakes are TSA approved foods! Despite the JetBlue kerfuffle that happened in May 2017, pies and cakes are allowed to be brought onto the plane. The TSA has approved both pies and cakes to board along with your carry-on, all it requires is an additional screening while going through security.

TSA Approved Foods

Yes, I am wondering the same thing! How are eggs going to survive the plane ride? Maybe this is why not many have thought about bringing eggs onto the plane! In reality, the TSA allows you to carry fresh, raw eggs through the security, but you just need to make sure to package it well! Also, good luck getting them to your destination in one piece! That might be the trickiest part! TSA approved foods

TSA Approved Foods

My dear lobster lovers, great news to you all! It is entirely acceptable to bring a live lobster on the plane! Yes, live lobster is one of many TSA approved foods. Though it still depends on the airline itself, TSA does not ban fliers from bringing live lobsters through security, as long as the flier still follows the security policies, only 3.4 ounces of liquid and a clear, plastic, spill-proof container. In fact, it happened in May 2017, when a flier tried to bring a 20-pound live lobster through security at Boston Logan International Airport! TSA approved foods

TSA Approved Foods

Enjoy fishing? Don’t need to worry just yet! According to the TSA rule, you are allowed to bring fishing rods on both carry-on and checked luggage. Even though the TSA rule grants permission, it does not mean the airline permits guests bringing fishing rods. Ultimately, it is up to the airlines to decide whether they authorize guests to carry fishing rods with them. So, make sure to give them a call before you bring all your fishing gear to the airport! TSA approved foods

TSA Approved Foods

Knowing you’re allowed to bring your fishing rod on the plane, now you’re wondering if the freshly caught fish are allowed to go back home with you.  Luckily, you are allowed to bring fresh fish on the plane. The best way to preserve the fish is by freezing it. It will help with airline transportation. If you want to make sure the fish stay cold, up to five-pounds of dry ice is allowed in both checked and carry-ons as long as you properly vent them.

Side note: Direct flight is your best choice since luggage tends to go missing during connection flights. If you don’t want your fish missing, make sure to book a direct trip to your destination!

Now you know some of the most absurd foods and foods gadgets you can bring with you on your trip. But, remember, next time, if you want to bring some absurd food, make sure to give both the TSA and the airline a phone call before you get to the airport!


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