5 of Our Favorite Blenders on the Market Right Now

Is there such a thing as a kitchen without a blender? You wake up making smoothies with them and on the weekend you might go to bed making Margaritas. From slushy cocktails to cozy soups that keep you warm during the winter, this kitchen appliance has definitely earned its keep in the family.


You’ve tried the soup and ice cream samples at CostCo, now it’s time to commit. Just by purchasing this blender you are already committing to improving the vitality of your life by liberating yourself from the conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries that you are faced with on a daily basis. By having the convenience of owning a Vitamix you give yourself the opportunity to seize those moments where you get to make healthier choices. Plus, they also make really great Margaritas. www.vitamix.com

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This American company is trademarked as the world’s most advanced blender, so we feel pretty confident in promoting this product. And if you still aren’t convinced, they even offer an eight year warranty. This blender literally does everything, all while looking super sleek. This machine features next generation blending and control technology and includes an intuitive touch screen. You could say its high tech with a sense of fashion. www.blendtec.com

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If you are the type that loves entertaining guests on the weekend with frosty blended beverages, then you need to own this blender made by Casa Bugatti. Featuring 4,105 SWAROVSKI® elements that were applied by hand from local Italian artisans, your friends will be beyond impressed by the sparkle and flash of this unique design. Who doesn’t love a little extra flair in their life? www.fancy.com

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This high performance blender makes life in the kitchen a whole lot easier, especially when your meals call for multi-tasking. You can grind grains, churn butter, chop veggies, whip cream, create nut butters and more. With the speed and finesse of this quiet blender you can create predictably delicious results every time. www.subzero-wolf.com

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This familiar brand has built up quite the reputation when it comes to reliability in their products, and the new Hurricane Pro Blender is no exception, putting blending power and precision control right at your fingertips. With this model you can count on brand consistency and innovation with its BlendLogix™ technology. www.surlatable.com

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