3 Superfoods to Integrate in Your Healthier New-You Diet


t’s no secret that a lot of people nowadays strive to live a better life. A big part of this transition has to do with clean, organic eating. And when considering that most of us always aim to shed off those pesky extra pounds at the beginning of every year, it becomes clear that adopting a nourishing, yet effective diet is something many dream of.

Fortunately, this is one dream that is quite easy to reach, especially when it includes superfoods. All you need is determination and an appropriate meal plan. The hardest part about it is deciding what to include in it. So, what should you eat to keep up with your weight loss, healthy eating-oriented New Year’s resolutions? Let’s find out.


Fortunately, when it comes to superfoods, you have more than enough to choose from. There are plenty of superfoods out there which not only nourish your body but also work as a fat diminisher. Here are the three main ones that you need to integrate into your new diet right away.


It’s no secret that popular media has declared avocado the number one preferred food of today’s youth. While a lot of jokes emerged on this topic, it’s worth noting that this South American fruit is actually one of the most nutrient-filled items that you can add to your menu to sustain your well-being.

Their healthy fat content helps lower cholesterol by as much as 22%, according to a recent study. Furthermore, just one avocado provides you more than 40% the amount of folate and half the fiber you should ideally consume in a day. This keeps your heart healthy and your body nourished overall.

Although most people eat avocado either in salads or by making them into guacamole, they can be added in a variety of dishes, from sandwiches and omelets to exotic meals such as sushi or tostadas. You can even make avocado ice cream if you’re craving something sweet that will still be good for you. And if all else fails, they make a great side dish for all sorts of steaks.


Beans are an amazing source of protein, with just one cup containing as much as 15 grams of the stuff. This is even truer the darker the beans get, so naturally, black beans are the best choice if you’re looking for a superfood to integrate into your meal plan. And they also contain a lot more antioxidants than regular white beans, which is an added benefit.

There are plenty of savory and flavorful ways to eat them, too. By far the easiest one is adding them to various salads, but they are also a great ingredient in tacos, chili, enchiladas and a variety of soups. In fact, many South American dishes include them, and all for good reason. Not only are they tasty, but they’re also a powerhouse for your health.

And on top of that, all legumes are similarly healthy, especially peas and lentils. Not only do they help lower the risk of developing heart disease at some point in your life, but they also reduce the incidence of breast cancer in the globe’s female population if consumed periodically. So, if black beans aren’t your things, you can most definitely replace them.


If you’re looking for a healthy meat option as well to add to your new diet, salmon is the answer for you. It has plenty of health benefits, which make it the perfect superfood to put on your plate. This is due not only to its rich omega-3 fatty acid content but also the fact that it offers our bodies a day’s worth of vitamin D.

Thanks to these nutrients, eating salmon as often as possible promotes bone and joint health, keeps your heart on the right track, improves your eyesight and makes your skin glow, all in a day’s work. And in addition to these already astounding qualities, it also lowers cancer risk and potentially fights already existing tumors as well.

There are many delicious ways to add salmon to your diet because it’s a versatile fish. Its fillet can be grilled, baked or even braised and garnished with honey or balsamic glazes, lemon and any side dish of your choice, be it wild rice or steamed veggies. And for a unique twist, you can even grind it up, make it into patties and put together a tasty and filling salmon burger.


It’s been years now since superfoods have stolen the spotlight as far as our nutritional needs are concerned. Not only are they usually packed with an impressive amount of either vitamins, minerals, protein or healthy fats, but most of them are also tasty and promote weight loss. By integrating these three foods, along with any others you might like, in your dishes, you will reach your fitness goals in no time at all.


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