24 Carrots: An Unforgettable Chef’s Table With Chef Nick Weber

From intricately decorated menus to seven stellar courses, 24 Carrots welcomes guests to their new home at “The Patch” with a bang!



f you live in or frequent the Orange County area, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the name 24 Carrots, one of the most acclaimed catering and events companies in Southern California, built on family values and focused on prioritizing passionate and personalized service. Helmed by Chef Norm Bennett, 24 Carrots is known for putting together one-of-a-kind menus for each and every event they curate, as well as selecting the perfect venue and design elements. To forge stronger ties within its community, 24 Carrots recently hosted their very first Chef’s Table culinary experience.


Chef’s Table

The first Chef’s Table was led by Executive Chef Nick Weber. Offering an exclusive culinary experience through fine dining and culinary luxury, the menu was inspired by seasonal produce and Chef’s whims. The menu consisted of seven courses, incorporating a medley of sweet, savory and refreshing flavors with impeccable attention to detail. As a reflection of Chef Weber’s favorites, some courses offered a nod to Asian cuisine, like the Tai Snapper Crudo and the California Lamb Saddle seasoned with Yuzu Kosho.

The Chef’s Table experience was hosted at their brand new home base, located at “The Patch.” As guests arrived, they were welcomed into the 40,000 square foot facility, where a gallery wall made up of decorative plates created a beautiful depiction of 24 Carrots’ iconic name. As guests continued down the hallway, they passed through the Inspiration Gallery, decorated with artwork and images that 24 Carrots takes as its inspiration. It’s all-inclusive; images of fine cuisine, tablescapes, inspirational quotes and more. The evening also included a behind-the-scenes tour of the new facility and culminated in a spectacular feast.

On to the main event – guests were seated around a long table facing the kitchen, allowing spectators to witness magic in the making. The tables were beautifully decorated with glassware, an assortment of candles, various succulents and stylish menus, embodying 24 Carrots’ emphasis on culinary excellence. The menu itself, a gorgeous graphic design, depicts descriptions and detailed drawings of the dishes – just one more representation of 24 Carrots’ innovation, from stellar design to delicious cuisine and everything in between.

Fun Facts

The  inaugural Chef’s Table experience wasn’t just about amazing cuisine, cocktails and scenery – it was also an opportunity to interact with the community. Guests walked away with a bit of insider knowledge on Chef Nick Weber, including his passions for surfing and working on his 1928 Model A Roadster. On a more personal note, it was also revealed that the fourth course on the menu, consisting of English peas, fava beans, sugar snap peas, burgundy snail, beef tendon crackling and shaved radish alludes to one of Chef Weber’s own tattoos. Keep up with your favorite chefs with 24 Carrots, and keep an eye out for their next invite-only Chef’s Table experience.



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