23 Gifts Any Foodie Will Love

A List So Good, You Won’t Need a Gift Receipt


e’ve all been there. The mental block of “I don’t know what to get them,” or “How do I beat last year’s?” And then there’s that question of “Will they even like it?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a list of foodie-friendly gifts for every budget and occasion.

Bruer Cold Coffee Brewer

For the Barista


1. Breville One-Touch Tea Maker: $250

This smart kettle is fully programmable for every type of tea, temperature and steep time. It also has a timer so you can wake up to the smell of your favorite Earl Grey.

2. Bruer Cold Coffee Brewer: $80

Some like it hot, but some like it cold, slow-dripped and low-maintenance. The Cold Bruer is easy-to-use: just set it up before bed and wake up to sweet, cold brewed perfection.

3. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker: $30

As much as we love them, not all of our friends are known to plan ahead. If you know someone who likes to fly by the seat of their pants, celebrate their spontaneity with HyperChiller. It can chill coffee, wine and spirits in a flash.

Repast Ravioli Making Gift Box

For the Ones Who Like to Roll Up Their Sleeves


4. Repast Ravioli Making Gift Box: Starting at $135

To give is to receive: for every tree used in production, Repast plants 100. Plus, giving the gift of a ravioli kit means someone will need to taste-test…

5. Valek Personalized Rolling Pin: Starting at $25

An embossed rolling pin is a baker’s ultimate personal touch. With personalized shapes, patterns and words, there’s something for everyone!

6. Kilner Butter Churner: $35

A pat of homemade butter can make a bread basket just as good as the main course. Just pour in the whipping cream and Kilner Butter Churner gives you a convenient batch in about 10 minutes.

Nomiku Sous Vide

For the Smart Kitchen


7. Mellow Sous-Vide Machine: $500

It’s the ultimate live-in sous-chef. This sous-vide machine is intuitive and easy-to-use. It offers built-in refrigeration and in-app assistance that’ll make sure you’ll have the perfect meal waiting for you when you get home.

8. WiFi Nomiku Sous Vide: $200

The Nomiku is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s compatible with the gear you already own, and the WiFi capability grants ultimate control over your food while it’s cooking.

9. Orange Chef Prep Pad: $80

The Prep Pad makes gathering your food’s nutritional values a breeze. It’s great someone who wants to take their meal planning to the next level.

SolidTeknics AUS-ION Seamless Steel Pans

For Those in Need of an Upgrade


10. Uuni Portable Wood-Fired Oven: $300

Compact, portable and super-cool, the Uuni Wood-Fired Oven makes outdoor cooking quick and easy without requiring a lot of space.

11. SolidTeknics AUS-ION Seamless Steel Pans: Starting at $100

SolidTeknics’s innovative seamless design is only one of their perks. This sustainable cookware is built responsibly for its longevity. It’s a gift that’ll last a lifetime.

12.  Architec Products Ashwood + Matte Honed White Marble Board 12 x 16: $69.99

New from Madeira™, this matte honed white marble board is detailed with Ashwood and serves as beautiful surface for your next cheese spread.

The Smoking Gun

For the Mad Scientist


13. Breville The Smoking Gun: $100

The Smoking Gun uses wood chips to naturally blast smokehouse flavor into your meats. It’s a handheld, battery-powered appliance that’ll make any bbq master’s day.

14. Molecular Gastronomy Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Kit: $65

Volatile aromatization offers a new level to a gastronomic experience. Since taste is so affected by our sense of smell, these adding a drop of Aroma to AromaForks and AromaSpoons can make your everyday dishes a mind-blowing sensation.

DrinkTanks Personal Growler

Nifty and Gifty


15. DrinkTanks Personal Growler: Starting at $75

These leak-proof growlers can keep your brews cold and carbonated while you’re on the move. Its vacuum seal keeps liquids cold for 24+ hours and hot for 12+. And with its Keg Cap Kit, you can turn your growler into your own personal keg.

16. Savino Wine Saver: Starting at $25

Perfect for transport or being able to enjoy a bottle a glass at a time, the Savino Wine Saver works differently from other preservers. Rather than trying to control the wine’s environment, Savino creates a new, safe environment for the wine to develop while you wait to serve it.

17. Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock: $36

It’ll stir up some giggles when unwrapped but every ice cream aficionado who shares a freezer will love it. Ben and Jerry know that protecting your pint is no joke.

Box Brew Kits Handcrafted Kombucha Kit

For the Do-It-Yourselfers


18. Box Brew Kits Handcrafted Kombucha Kit: $99

Box Brew Kits’s Handcrafted Kombucha Kits make a great gift for someone who likes to be hands-on while treating their body to all of the drink’s benefits. They also have kits for wine and beer.

19.Craft a Brew Home Brew Kit: Starting at $45

This at-home brew kit gives you everything you need to craft your own beer, wine and cider. And with all of their different recipes and flavor-kits, they make it easy to become your own brew master.

20. Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit: Starting at $25

Want to make someone say cheese? Urban Cheesecraft makes it easy. With a wide range of flavors and dairy-free options, cheese lovers of all types will rejoice in their own DIY experience.

21. Original Kits Baconkit: $25

This puts a new spin on bringing home the bacon. Original Kits supplies everything you need to cure and create your own flavor at home. Original Kits also has their own pickling kit.


Gifts That Keep Giving

With every purchase of a copperware gift item from Absolut Elyx, the luxury vodka brand and Water for People will provide a week’s worth of safe water to someone in need.


22. Absolut Elyx Deluxe Martini Set: $279

Pretty and practical! This copper set is durable, eye-catching and has everything you need to make the perfect martini.

23. Absolut Elyx Cookie Cutter Gift Set: $49

There’s something to be said about cooking and baking with copperware. These super-fun, high-quality cookie cutters are perfect for any celebration.




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