10 Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories You’ll Love

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These Kitchen Gadgets are Waiting for You

If you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve your kitchen. New gadgets and accessories for our culinary havens are always exciting. As foodies, is there really anything more important than your kitchen? Well if your answer (like ours) is no, then you’re in luck. We’ve scoured through countless tools and decorative accents, both classic and cutting edge. We’re providing you with the 10 of the best gadgets and accessories for your kitchen.

Wine Chill Drops


These handy tools will allow you to drink your wine at the perfect temperature. from the first sip all the way to that last drop. The container chills the drops 20 times faster than the average refrigerator. Once they are at a suitable temperature, simply drop them in your wine glass or champagne flute and enjoy your drink at the ideal temperature. These Wine Chill Drops are perfect for those who frequently have busy nights and are picking up a bottle on the run. No time to chill the bottle? Let these do it for you!

Georg Jensen INDULGENCE Champagne Sabre


The name says it all. This champagne sabre is the perfect touch to your luxury kitchen. If you want to open your bottle in style, this is it. Champagne sabres, though not common, are excellent for getting the evening off on the right foot. Its sleek and simple design will fit in perfectly with almost any kitchen motif. This is an exceptional tool for events and ceremonies as sabering a champagne bottle will add that extra flair you are looking for.

G G Collection Spoon Rest


If you’re looking for practicality with style, no accessory delivers like the GG Collection Spoon Rest. If you’re frequently making sauces, then you’ve experienced the need to quickly try your sauce-in-progress with a spoon. This can be a messy proposition if you don’t have the right place to lay down your spoon. Or wasteful if you’re relying on paper towels as a resting place for your spoon. Look no further than this spoon rest to meet your utensil placing needs as well as to add a distinct flair to your kitchen with its ornate backing.

KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment

Sur la Table

If you’re a KitchenAid user, you’re well aware of the benefits of their assorted attachments. We can’t recommend this spiralizer more highly. With health and fitness being bigger than ever, we know everyone’s trepidation regarding unwanted carbs. This KitchenAid attachment is the answer to those fears, turning zucchini, sweet potato, and squash (among many others) into a healthier spaghetti option.

All-in-One Salad Station

Sur la Table

This convenient all-in-one station will satisfy all of your salad needs. The lock-on spinning lid and basket makes drying easy after washing. The chopping lid will allow you to create your salad in seconds. The reliable clip-on storage lid makes the whole thing perfect for an on-the-go salad. This gets a 10/10 from us on convenience and portability.

Geo Bottle Stopper Set

West Elm

We all know that when the cork is gone, it’s gone for good. We all need a good option for capping our bottles and this stopper set will do the trick. The Geo Bottle Stopper Set features four stoppers with reliable silicone bottoms that fit in bottles of nearly all shapes and sizes. On top of that, they have sleek, geometric shapes for a memorable and decorative touch.

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

Uncommon Goods

Foodies rejoice! This practical combo tool will have you off and running with your culinary experiments in no time. If you’re big on trying awesome new recipes from your favorite blogs, this is for you. The utensil and tablet holder provides the perfect place for you to set up your tablet with your recipes at a finger’s distance. This cuts out any unnecessary printing or need for flipping through cook books. As an extra layer of convenience, the holder comes with a spacious and handy area to store your various utensils.

G G Collection Heritage Cream & Sugar Set


Another great accessory from G G collection, this cream and sugar set will add exceptional style to your tea experience. The set features all handcrafted items which include: glass sugar and creamer bowls, a metal spoon, a tray, sweetener holder and lid all made of natural mango wood with decorative, metal inlays. The set is perfect for a traditional English tea with its craft and quality.

Manual Apple Peeler

Crate & Barrel

A baker’s dream is making and nice, warm apple pie. A baker’s nightmare is painstakingly peeling each apple by hand. If you can relate to this, then this apple peeler will make the process a whole lot better. It features an easy to use crank handle, and a suction that will work on any smooth kitchen counter. Simply stick your apple on the pointed end and get to cranking. Your apple will be peeled in the blink of an eye.

Smart Thermometer 2


If you’re a techy who also happens to be a foodie, listen up. The Williams-Sonoma Smart Thermometer 2 is an excellent tool for your kitchen. This thermometer will provide pin point accuracy in measuring the temperature of everything from desserts to main dishes. Compatible with the iOS and Android, the thermometer will keep you up to date on cooking details anywhere within your wifi connection range. Download the mobile app, pop in the probe thermometer and have confidence that you’ll be up-to-date with temperature, cooking progress and time remaining!








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