10 Chefs You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram may very well be one of our favorite tools that helps us decide where to dine next.


Richard Blais | Juniper & Ivy 🐓: Crack Shack 🎧: Starving 4 Attention 📚: So Good & Try This at Home 📺: Top Chef – Food Network 💡: Trail Blais Industries 🎤: CAA

Richard Blais is a jack of all trades in the kitchen – and any foodie’s dream. Winner of “Top Chef” and creator of classic American cuisine, Richard Blais is constantly updating his social media accounts. His first West Coast venture was Juniper & Ivy in San Diego, California. He recently opened Crack Shack, fried chicken fine-casual dining experience, with a chicken and eggs centric menu. Blais is the author of two books and host of his own podcast: Starving for Attention with Richard Blais. He even recorded a podcast from his walk-in fridge – a place where foodies gather to gossip.


Amar Santana | Chef•Dominican Republic🇩🇴•New York City 🍎Orange County CA🍊Broadway by Amar Santana •Vaca Restaurant 🐮•Top Chef Season 13 Runner-up amar@vacagroup.com vacagroup.com

Amar Santana, owner of Broadway by Amar Santana in Laguna Beach, grew up in the Dominican Republic before moving to NYC at age thirteen. He always enjoyed cooking at a young age but didn’t think of it as a career. It wasn’t until he saw Emeril Lagasse cooking on TV that he knew men could have a successful cooking career. He is very smart with his social media, updating it consistently to hype dishes. On Amar Santana’s Instagram, you will see his pursuit of culinary mastery and a healthy lifestyle; he wants to be physically fit so that he can enjoy eating, and experimenting with new recipes.


Shirley Chung | www.chefshirleychung.com

Shirley Chung grew up in Beijing China, and moved to the US to attend business school. After graduating she began work in the Silicon Valley area but soon decided she would rather follow her culinary dreams instead. She was inspired to cook after she had cooking lessons as a girl from her grandmother. After attending culinary school, learning about French and Italian cooking, she began opening restaurants for likes of culinary kings Guy Savoy, Thomas Keller, and Mario Batali. She describes the food as being “modern American cuisine with a Chinese Soul.” She appeared on season 11 and 14 of “Top Chef.” Her Instagram is full of delicious dishes often in seasonal displays of color.


Noah Von Blöm| Chef & Co-Owner of Arc Food & Libations, Restaurant Marin, The Guild Club, and Arc Butcher & Baker. ArcRestaurant.com

Noah Von Blöm is the Chef and Co-Owner of Arc Food & Libations, a rustic-chic hangout pairing locally sourced American fare with handmade craft cocktails in Costa Mesa, CA. Noah is from Newport Beach, CA and has an active Instagram following where he posts lush deserts, heavenly breads, and pictures of his restaurant projects: Restaurant Marin, The Guild Club, and Arc Butcher & Baker.

Steak Diane. Remember. #classyclassics #hans #theguildclub

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Karlo Evaristo| One | 8 Pop-up Popup by Jared Ventura | Ben Martinek | Karlo Evaristo in Orange County, CA

Karlo Evaristol’s Instagram page borders on high art. I don’t know if I want to eat the food he photographs or display them in The MET. His dishes often combine Asian cuisine with fresh fruits and colors of California. Originally from Bacolod city, Philippines, Karlo is truly an artist. His Instagram displays his love for beautiful food, artistic photography, and playing the drums as a release of the pressures of the kitchen life.


Jeremy Fox| @rusticcanyon @esterswine @tallulasrestaurant 👨🏻‍🍳 author of ON VEGETABLES

Jeremy Fox is a LA-based chef who wrote On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen. He wrote about his personal struggles with ADHD, addiction, and all the stress and anxiety that come with being one of the nation’s most sought after chefs. In some circles, he is known as ‘The Vegetable Whisper’ due to his ability to bring out wonderful flavors in all his produce, even in flowers and leafs that most chefs would discard. A frequenter of the Santa Monica Farmers Market, Jeremy is always posting fresh photos of delicious greens.


Noel Brohner| Consulting & Catering, Slow Rise Pizza Co.

Noel Brohner, pizza king of Los Angeles, may not have the most complicated dishes on this list, but they are surely the most drool-inducing. Brohner had humble beginnings, making pizza pies in his home. Noel read American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza by Peter Reinhart and began his personal search of making the best pizza pie. Eventually, he went commercial with his pizza perfections and now posts images of Slow Rise Pizza’s pies onInstagram where everyone will want a piece of the pie.


Maycoll Calderon| Food + Cocktails + Wine + Travel + Photography + Art – Live in Mexico-LA @husetroma @hankypankydf @tintorerala

Maycoll Calderon is a Mexico City chef with a restaurant, Tintorera, in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. He specializes in street eats and home cooking. He was featured in the Netflix documentary Chef’s Table, and his Instagram is always full of delectable bites of authentic Hispanic cooking and photos of signature cocktails.


Kris Tominaga| Group Executive Chef for Paligroup | @mardirestaurant@handthehPalisociety.com

Chef of Mardi and The Hart and The Hunter, Kris Tominaga’s personal Instagram is a great way to see what he has cooking up in his two trendy restaurants. You will see everything from traditional home cooking to experimental uses of jalapenos on his personal Instragram account. If you want to see his professional talents showcased check him out on Mardi’s page.


Javier Plascencia| Cocinero Norteño, chefjavierplascencia.mx

Javier Plascencia is synonymous with Baja, California cooking. His restaurants have been awarded with the title of ‘best restaurants in America’ and his traveling is so persistent you will surely be inspired by not just his succulent food but his aspiring wanderlust.







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