10 Female Foodies to Follow on Instagram Right Now

Girls who know a thing or two about good taste

Food blogging has quickly taken over Social Media by storm. From sweet treats to trendy restaurants, we’re sure that your Instagram feed is flooded with a variety of food-related posts. Who can complain though? With the never-ending stream of delicious snapshots, you’re provided with tons of ideas to add to your food bucket list. As much as we love Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives, we think it’s time that some ladies get their time in the limelight. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Orange County and Los Angeles food lovers so that you too can marvel at what’s on their plates.


Hana Brannigan | Followers- 18.3k

This University of California, Davis student has a passion for both burritos and boba. From donuts to decked-out french fries, Hana is constantly updating her page to ensure that your mouth is always watering. Along with her desire for dessert, Hana also uses her platform to talk about the importance of mental health and her eating disorder recovery.

female foodie instagram


Diane | Followers: 52.9k


Diane is a food blogger who devotes time to making sure you know about the hottest spots for creative and tasty bites. When she’s not posting on Instagram or writing on her blog, you can find her going around L.A. County and Orange County in search of new restaurants & dishes.

female foodie instagram


Julie Chung | Followers: 21.1k


Julie takes food photography to the next level with her perfectly captured shots of delectable dishes. Raised in Orange County, she loves to capture the beauty and artistic side of the food using natural lighting style. Her blog is another opportunity to checkout her beautiful food photos.

female foodie instagram


June Quan | Followers: 93.6k


Blogger and ramen lover June Quan knows a thing or two about quality eats. Her Instagram offers a look into the different cuisines she tries, ranging from lobster mac and cheese to even a soup that has larvae in it. Her food adventures are updated on her website and her top picks are routinely posted on her Instagram.

female foodie instagram


Michelle Kim | Followers: 25.2k


From LA to OC, Michelle has covered a serious amount of ground in terms of grub. Talk about food envy. Whether it’s a close up of ice cream, or a beautifully arranged sushi spread, Michelle’s Instagram page will keep you scrolling for days.

female foodie instagram


Jocelyn & Justine | Followers: 100k

The sister duo’s passion for exploring new restaurants inspired them to become food bloggers. Raised in Hong Kong, the two moved to Los Angeles to for college. You can often find them eating at the hottest restaurants in town and taking their time to make sure they capture that perfect angle.

female foodie instagram


Kat | Followers: 37k

If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that there’s no such thing as too many pictures of food. One look at Kat’s page will have you wanting to try every hotspot restaurant there is. Bright colors and endless variety make her page highly addicting.

female foodie instagram



Janet Jen | Followers: 22.4k

Janet makes all of your dim sum dreams come true with her delicious posts. From sugary treats to savory eats (as well as animal-shaped bites), Janet’s Instagram has got you covered with plenty of places to check out.

female foodie instagram


Aimee | Followers: 40.3k


Forget eating clean, Aimee reminds us that nothing beats a homemade dessert. Self-proclaimed foodie and coffee addict, Aimee knows the way to our hearts. Not only does she have some sweet pictures on her feed, she also has a blog full of amazing recipes that you can recreate at home.

female foodie instagram



Jennifer Yu | Followers: 20k

Shopping, singing, and traveling are just a few of Jennifer Yu’s favorite things to do. Did we mention that she also loves sharing awesome pictures of her food adventures? Follow her and you’ll be guaranteed to go out in order to taste her favorite meals for yourself.

female foodie instagram

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