The Ultimate Guide to Dinner Delivery Kits

For those of you have have ever found themselves overwhelmed at the end of the day and then realize you still have to cook dinner, perhaps you’ve considered taking advantage of a dinner delivery kit company. But, are they really worth the hype?

Since the launch of Blue Apron in 2012 home dinner delivery kit companies have been popping up left and right. The appeal is transparent. Across the board, these dinner kits save you time and take the fuss out of figuring out last minute meals. Even Amazon has hopped aboard the dinner delivery kit train and partnered with Tyson Foods to create Tyson Tastemakers Meal Kits.

So, are they worth the money? That answer varies, depending on how much you typically spend at the grocery store and what types of food you usually purchase. The upsides of investing into one of these super convenient delivery programs is that you’re guaranteed to save time, and you’ll become a more well-rounded cook, all thanks to the tasty and varying recipes you’ll be experimenting with. The step-by-step recipes are so easy follow, you’ll wonder why you ever thought cooking was difficult in the first place. Take a look at some of my favorite meal kit delivery companies listed below and see which fits your lifestyle best.



HelloFresh prides itself on being a company that provides every household with locally sourced foods, uniquely suited to individual tastes and meal time preferences. To learn more about the history of this company and the masterminds behind it, click here.

Pricing & Plans 

  • Classic: starting from $9.90/meal + free shipping (2 – 4 adults)
  • Veggie: starting from $9.08/meal + free shipping (2 – 4 adults)
  • Family: starting from $8.75/meal + free shipping (2 adults, 2 children)

Shipping Costs: Free Shipping!

What’s Included? Simple step-by-step recipe cards, pre-portioned fresh ingredients, and cooling material (so you don’t have to be home when it’s delivered)!

Time Spent: 25 – 35 minutes

Fun Facts: HelloFresh has their own app which features thousands of delicious recipes, cooking videos, tips and tricks, and easy access to your online account to choose meals while on the go. You can also use this app to quickly change your subscription settings at any time!

Food for Thought: I had the opportunity to sample a HelloFresh meal kit which included three different dinners and I was blown away at just how tasty healthy food can be! Between the fresh ingredients and how fun it was opening each package and discovering the perfect portioned ingredients inside, it was like Christmas came early. Oh, and for all you picky eaters out there, I shared these meals with my father (who is hands down the world’s pickiest eater) and he loved them! That alone was enough to sell me on this company, not to mention all their other good qualities. HelloFresh is healthy, fast, fun and a new favorite of mine. It’s good to note that some of the recipes call for specific measurements of spices (which you’ll have extra of in your packaging), so make sure you have measuring spoons at home to get the right amount needed.

One Potato

What sets One Potato apart from its competitors is its kid-friendly appeal. Everything from kid-sized portions, to kid-friendly recipes provided by Weelicious, to providing tips and recommendations on how to safely include your kids in dinnertime meal prep! Plus, each meal kit delivery comes with a weekly surprise! And who doesn’t love surprises?

Pricing & Plans 

  • $11.99*/per adult meal (*$1.50 added for gluten free option)
  • $4.50/per child meal

Shipping Costs: Free shipping!

What’s Included? Organic, non-GMO seasonal produce, recyclable and reusable packaging, and free cookie dough in every box!

Time Spent: 30 minutes or less

Fun Facts: Have I mentioned the free surprise in each box enough yet?!

Food for Thought: As a female in her 20’s, with no children of my own yet, let me tell you that this company is great for solo cooks as well! Their recipes are easy to make, delicious and simple. Hint: Mom’s and Dad’s, this would make a GREAT holiday present for your kids away at college! Help give them fully balanced meals, while also inconspicuously teaching them how to cook. Shh! It’ll be our little secret.


Green Chef

Green Chef is a dinner delivery company that soars above it’s competitors. Not only is it certified organic, but the dinners are wholesome and they offer different menu options to fit your lifestyle.

Pricing & Plans 

“Our pricing is based on the plan you choose and how many people will be eating each dish. Each box in our 2-person plan contains 3 recipes for 2 people (6 servings total). Each box in our Family plan contains 2 recipes for 4 people (8 servings total).” (Green Chef)

  • Vegetarian: $10.49 per meal
  • Omnivore: $11.99 per meal
  • Vegan: $11.99 per meal
  • Carnivore: $13.49 per meal
  • Gluten-free: $13.49 per meal
  • Paleo: $14.99 per meal
  • Family Omnivore: $11.99 per meal
  • Family Carnivore: $12.99 per meal

Note: Based on the protein preferences you set for the Omnivore or Carnivore plan, you may receive a menu that falls under a different meal plan. Don’t worry — they’ll always charge you the lower price of the two plans.

Shipping Costs: $9 shipping & handling/per box

What’s Included? Fresh and sustainably sourced food to create tasty and balanced recipes.

Time Spent: approx. 30 minutes

Fun Facts: You can download their weekly menu recipes online. Meaning, if there is something you missed ordering for you weekly kit, but still want to try it – no problem!

Food for Thought: Green Chef’s style differed only slightly from the other two dinner delivery kits that I tried. The packaging was minimal, but efficient, and biodegradable. The food was kept cool by reusable ice packs. I noticed that all ingredients came inside the one box, instead of being split up into multiple meals, saving on excess packaging waste. All of the products were labeled with a color, and that’s how you know what to use for each recipe. Almost everything is pre-washed, pre-cut, and ready to go! Saving you plenty of time on prep.


Plated offers 11 new recipes each week, including dessert! What sets them apart from the rest is that they focus on building menus that keep seasonality at the forefront of your weeknight creations. By keeping the seasons in mind, you’re guaranteed to get produce in its prime. You can check out examples of what each season has to offer by clicking here.

Pricing & Plans

  • $40/ 2 dinners per week (+ $6 shipping)
  • $72/ 3 dinners per week (free shipping)
  • $96/ 4 dinners per week (free shipping)

Equating to = $12 per serving | Serving size: 1 adult or 1-2 children

Shipping Costs: Varies (refer to above)

What’s Included? Fresh and seasonal ingredients along with recipe cards for the dishes you have chosen. All boxes will have everything pre-portioned, right down to the exact amount needed for spices.

Time Spent: 20 minutes to an hour

Fun Facts: Free dinner for two with your first delivery! Offer available for first time customers only.


Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the most well known dinner kit services out there – and for good reason! This company was a trailblazer for hundreds of others that have since followed in its footsteps. They pride themselves on accepting only the highest of standards when it comes to the ingredients they use, and that includes, working with suppliers that practice sustainable fishing.

Pricing & Plans

  • 2 Person Plan includes: 3 recipes/week
  • $9.99/per serving | Weekly Total: $59.94
  • Family Plan: 2 recipes/week (serves 4)
  • $8.74/per serving | Weekly Total: $69.92
  • Family Plan: 4 recipes/week (serves 4)

$8.74/per serving | Weekly Total: $139.84

Shipping Costs: Free shipping!

What’s Included?: All Blue Apron dinner kits include pre-portioned and seasonal ingredients along with step-by-step recipe cards. The only ingredients not provided are salt, pepper and oil.

Time Spent: 25 to 45 minutes

Fun Facts: Wine lovers rejoice! This may be the right dinner delivery company for you. Blue Apron offers a wine delivery kit service which helps you pair your nightly meals with the right type of wine to fit you. Their 500mL bottles provide the perfect amount for two to share. Sound like something you may want to try out? Read more about it here.

Purple Carrot

This is your go-to company if you’re solely looking for plant based meals. Did you know that if you swap out eating meat-heavy meals even a couple times a week you drastically reduce your environmental footprint? By choosing to consume plant base meals you actually help conserve water, reduce emissions and protect farmland. Not to mention, a healthy change to your diet improves your energy, promotes heart health and reduces your risk for chronic disease.

Pricing & Plans

  • 1-2 Person Plan includes: 3 meals/week
  • $11.33/per plate | Weekly Total: $68.00
  • 3-4 Person Plan includes: 2 meals/week
  • $9.25/per plate | Weekly Total: $74.00

Shipping CostsL Free shipping!

What’s Included? Each Purple Carrot box includes incredibly fresh and healthy, pre-portioned ingredients, helping save you time and less clean up!

Time Spent: 30 to 45 minutes

Fun Facts: Did you know that, “it takes 1,850 gallons of water to produce 1 lb of beef vs 39 gallons for 1 lb of vegetables”? (Purple Carrot) That’s an incredible difference! And, if you’re living in Southern California, this is especially important to recognize if you’re trying to help out with the drought crisis!



PeachDish’s founder Hadi Irvani conceived the idea for this now thriving company from the dinner parties he used to throw with friends. He wanted to help people get creative with cooking. After the first official launch of his company he met a woman named Judith Winfrey, an organic farmer, who turned him on to the benefits of using organic goods. A year later, Judith was named President of PeachDish.

Pricing & Plans

  • Standard: 2 meals/week (2 servings)
  • $50/week Weekly $12.50/ per serving
  • 4 Person Plan: 2 meals/week (8 servings)
  • $90/week  $11.25/ per serving

Shipping Costs: Shipping is free for subscribers (other than the states listed) AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY, will have to pay a shipping charge of $15.00 per box.You may purchase a one-time delivery by checking out as a guest. Guest customers pay an additional $7.00 shipping charge ($22.00 total for AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY).

What’s Included? Each PeachDish box includes the delicious ingredients needed for your meal, as well as recipes cards and a weekly letter from the PeachDish President.

Time Spent: Approximately 30 to 40 minutes

Fun Facts: PeachDish is the first national meal-kit business that has a registered dietician on staff. There is also an online store where you can grocery shop for products that you would like to purchase separately from the meal kits.

Turntable Kitchen

Some things just make life a little sweeter, like food and music. What sets Turntable Kitchen apart from it’s competitors is that it provides you with an experience, rather than simply a dinner. The combination of fresh music and premium ingredients will leave you addicted and begging for more. Read more about the amazing Seattle duo that created Turntable Kitchen here.

Pricing & Plans

  • Pairings Box $25/month (+taxes and fees)

Shipping Costs: Not listed

What’s Included? Exclusive 7” Vinyl, Digital Mixtape, 1-2 Premium Ingredients, 3 Seasonal Recipes, and Tasting Notes

Time Spent: As long as your heart desires.

Fun Facts: If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that it’s absolutely necessary to get in a daily dose of caffeine and some good music. If you’re looking to switch up your everyday coffee shop routine, try opting for Turntable Kitchen’s Coffee + Vinyl subscription!

Cooking Simplified

This smart company is the brainchild of founders Michelle Azurin and Sara Draper-Zivetz. These two ladies recognized the importance of creating good home-cooked meals while on a budget. Their goal was to find a way to create an affordable way to bring healthy food into more homes. Cooking Simplified is so new that they have not yet launched their second round of meal kits yet! However, you can be first to know the moment they hit by signing up for their mailing list here.

Pricing & Plans

  • Each meal kit costs between $23 – $27

Tiered pricing:

  • $12.50 (approx. $2.50 per meal)
  • $22.50 (approx. $4.50 per meal)
  • $32.50 (approx. $6.50 per meal)

Shipping Costs: Not listed

What’s Included? Pre-cut and portioned ingredients, with a recipe card and tips on how to properly store the leftovers.

Time Spent: Not listed

Fun Facts: This company specializes in batch cooking, which leaves you with plenty of leftovers to get you through the week!

Feeling hungry yet? Give one of these amazing companies a try! The subscription services offered for all companies referred to above also make great gifts for college students, busy moms and dads, and newlyweds. So roll up your sleeves and help rekindle that sizzle in the kitchen again!



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