The Loop: Handcrafted Churros Brings Mermaids and Beyoncé Together in Westminster

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hen it comes to Southern California, there are a few things that rarely run out: sunshine, workout studios, traffic, and churros. While each one of those isn’t exactly welcome in my world, the churros will always have a place with me. Whether I’m desperate and grab some from the freezer aisle to make at home or I’m strolling down Olvera Street with sugar and cinnamon across my face, I have yet to run into a churro that hasn’t made me smile. That was exact case as I ate churros at The Loop: Handcrafted Churros in Westminster.


If you love food yet you haven’t seen any photos of The Loop Churros across social media, then you may want to reevaluate the pages you’re following. The Loop Churros opened in June 2016 by Instagram food extraordinaire, Jed Cartojano of Daily Food Feed. Prior to opening, there was a question of whether The Loop would garner long lines only thanks to the strong reach of Cartojano’s brand and eventually fall off. However, with serious marketing efforts of securing coveted news spots and pulling in influencers to promote the churros, ice cream, and drinks the shop seems to be doing well. While I had the chance to review the shop when they first opened, I wanted the hype to die down. Once time had passed and people were still crowding to get inside, I decided to bite my lip and hop in line myself. My visit came in time to order a few items with particular attention to their mermaid themed churro and drink that was announced earlier this month.

The Mermaid Lemonade ($3.50 + $1.50 for The Loop Bottle)and Mermaid Chilled Loop Churro ($5.50) are perfectly designed to catch your eye and drop your jaw. The bright blue color touched with a bit of a glisten is beautiful. But as beautiful as something may be, there is the chance that its taste may not match. To my happiness, it did. The blue raspberry lemonade is combined with a butterfly pea flower tea and mixed with what the shop calls a “magical mermaid sparkle” to make it shine in the light. To the taste, the lemonade is incredibly sweet without being overbearing like your aunt around the holidays. The tea blends so nicely with the lemonade making the drink taste like a classic option to have on such a hot day in LA or Orange County. While I initially assumed there would be some level of grit from the sparkle, there was absolutely zero texture from it to distract you from the overall drink. Paired with it was the Mermaid Chilled Loop Churro. The desert took a looped churro dipped in a blueberry glaze and mermaid sparkle sugar. That was then put into a cup of soft serve ice cream with sugar, colorful chocolate pearls, and a chocolate mermaid fin. This dessert was so well designed you can only assume someone with a marketing background and an eye for the aesthetics designed it from start to finish.

Unsure where to begin? So was I, but my only suggestion is to go with your gut. Mine told me to start from the churro and work my way down. The churro itself was fried to the perfect degree that it was golden and crispy on the exterior while remaining soft on the inside. Taking bites of the churro with the silky soft serve across it was a delicious marrying of the two together. Add into the combination of the chocolate pearls and even the fin and it was a perfect dessert.

Following the magic that was in the mermaid options were the Beyoncé’s Lemonade ($3.50 + $1.50 for The Loop Bottle) and the Milk N’ Cookies Chilled Loop Churro ($5.50). This lemonade named after the queen herself was made of the same butterfly pea tea that was in the previous lemonade, but instead of blue raspberry it was watermelon lemonade. The tartness from the watermelon tea played casually within the lemonade which made it less sweet as the mermaid lemonade. Not to be overshadowed by the Beyonce Lemonade, the Milk N’ Cookies was my favorite of the two ice creams. This chilled loop churro took soft serve ice cream and topped it with so many delicious pieces I thought it would collapse. On top of the soft serve and churro were multiple pieces of cookie dough, a chocolate chip cookie, Oreo crumbles, and sweet blue milk drizzle. Sweetness overload was an understatement, but it was well received here. While the churro wasn’t as spectacular as that dipped in mermaid mystic, it was just as crispy and sweet. However, what made it stand out were all the toppings. Mixing the cookie dough pieces into the velvety soft serve and the crunch from the Oreo with the super rich blue milk was like all my foodie fantasies come true. It was perfect.

After enjoying a few of The Loop’s special and regular items I can honestly say that I understand why the line has continued to stay strong over a year later. They have the exact sugar fix you’re looking to have in a dessert and the creativity in the design of it all only makes me more excited to order it. Now here’s to hoping The Loop doesn’t deplete all the churros in Southern Califronia.

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Address:  9729 Bolsa Ave. Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: (714) 713-8570
Hours: Sunday through Thursday 12:00pm to 11:00pm and Friday & Saturday 12:00pm to Midnight
Social: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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