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black market meal prep


t can be hard to find room in your busy schedule to be able to prep your meals for the week. Prepping your meals ahead of time has its benefits, and is super helpful when it comes to reaching your fitness and nutrition goals. Companies like Black Market Meal Prep are providing solutions for this problem.

Bryan Tapia, executive chef and owner of the company, set out to provide delicious, fitness-friendly meals for Orange County residents. Bryan, who has trained in some of the top restaurants in Orange County (including Broadway by Amar Santana in Laguna Beach), was discouraged by the same repetitive menus that other meal prep companies had to offer.

What originally started as a way for both Bryan and his fiancé to get fit and ready for their wedding, has grown into a well-loved and appreciated Orange County business. So what exactly makes Black Market stand out among the rest? Well for starters, Black Market has made healthy eating easy. Orders are placed before midnight on Thursdays and then delivered on Sundays, giving customers the convenience of purchasing and receiving meals without having to leave their homes. The menu changes monthly and includes options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One of the greatest aspects of Black Market is the opportunity for customization. Customers can choose from different protein sources, seasoned to perfection, and then decide on a choice of carbohydrates and vegetables from the variety that is offered.

Protein options range in flavors and taste. With options like Teriyaki Tri Tip and Pineapple Soy-Glazed Cod, you’ll want to try them all. From spaghetti squash to roasted Brussels sprouts, there are endless combinations to choose in order to get your daily serving of veggies. Carb lovers can get their helping with roasted sweet potatoes and quinoa, among other options.

Breakfast dishes like nutty overnight oats and the turkey chili breakfast hash will give you something to look forward to in the morning. Packed in perfectly sized containers, the meals you order can be enjoyed on the spot or easily tucked away in your fridge. Insider’s tip: If you love a dish on the current month’s menu, order extra and freeze for later.

Nothing beats freshness. So when freshness meets deliciousness and aligns with your health goals, it’s definitely an opportunity worth trying. Don’t forget to place your order on Thursdays so that when Sunday rolls around, you’ve got your meals for the week – meal prep made easy!

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